Brie Larson Got Emotional The First Time In Captain Marvel’s Costume

Brie Larson as Carol Danvers in Captain Marvel
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Next year's Captain Marvel is the first female-fronted superhero film for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, making the release of the highly-anticipated film a momentous occasion. When Brie Larson first suited up as Carol Danvers' superhero alias, she does distinctly remember the thrilling feeling to be become the face of an iconic comic book character. In her words:

What's crazy is these movies are so secretive, you don't get to share that. Now I can share it! Now we can be like, 'Oh my God!' I was trying different pieces on. Then when I finally put it all on together, I was just staring at myself in the mirror and I did get emotional...The first time I put it on I was like, 'I'm like a Disneyland character! This is crazy!'

Finally, after living with her superhero's look airtight and heavily under wraps, Captain Marvel is out and proud since images of the film recently graced Entertainment Weekly along with this week's exciting trailer drop. Many fans are stoked to see Captain Marvel unleashed, as the trailer received an incredible amount of views right away. Brie Larson couldn't be happier to no longer stay quiet about her character, as questions arise about the buzz-worthy trailer and moviegoers get excited about heading to the theaters next year to see Carol Danvers in action. Captain Marvel will mark the first appearance of the Marvel character on the big screen, and considering the exciting story the hero has to tell, she will no doubt be walking Disneyland parks next year.

In the interview with ET Online on the set of Captain Marvel, Brie Larson explained that the completion of her amazing suit was nearly a year-long process. The actress, best known for her dramatic work such as with her Oscar-winning performance in Room, has transformed herself into a powerful hero to be reckoned with. She committed months at the gym to get in optimal shape to play the fighter pilot-turned-Starforce team member. When asked if she wanted to keep the suit, she remarked that it smells pretty bad, likely from all the hero work she's been busy at work with in it, but she'd take a fresh one!

Captain Marvel follows the titular hero in the '90s, when Thanos' infamous deadly snap was just a fantasy for the villain. Carol Danvers will return to her home world of Earth and have run-ins with digitally de-aged Agent Coulson and Nick Fury at a very different time for S.H.I.E.L.D as well. Captain Marvel will come to theaters on March 8, 2019, just a couple months before we meet back up with the Avengers in May, who will likely need her help to finish the fight to save the universe.

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