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Sophie Turner as Jean Grey in X-Men: Apocalypse

The newest X-Men movie has been having a difficult time of late. The movie has reportedly gone through significant reshoots, seen its released date pushed back, and with the recent Disney/Fox merger approval, the entire franchise has seemingly been in limbo. However, it's being reported that a trailer for X-Men: Dark Phoenix was recently shown as part of a Fox product presentation in Russia, so maybe we'll get a look at the new movie very soon.

X-Men: Dark Phoenix is currently looking at a February 2019 release date, and based on the fact that we're now getting trailers for big movies opening as late as March 2019, like Captain Marvel, it's possible that the trailer that apparently made its debut in St. Petersburg recently, according to The Flick editor Nikita Byrkin, will be arriving for us shortly. If it exists, there's little reason for Fox to just sit on it.

While trailers almost always debut online first, they usually hit the internet just before they get attached to films in theaters. Fox doesn't actually have anything coming out for the next few weeks, with Bad Times at the El Royale, the next wide release coming from the studio on October 12. However, it's also possible we could see an X-Men: Dark Phoenix trailer attached to another comic book movie release, Sony's Venom, which is coming out the week before. Either way, it could mean that we might end up getting a look at Dark Phoenix online sometime in the next couple weeks.

We should have seen a trailer by now, as originally, X-Men: Dark Phoenix was set to release in November of this year, meaning that we likely would have seen a trailer over this past summer at the latest. However, both Phoenix and The New Mutants saw their release dates pushed back into 2019. There have even been rumors that some of the planned X-Men projects might never actually be released now that the Disney/Fox merger is moving forward, but as of now, it appears that everything will come out, eventually.

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Fans are very curious to get a look at Dark Phoenix because the movie reportedly underwent some pretty extensive reshoots. At one point it was being said that the reshoot schedule was longer than principal photography, but it appears now that wasn't actually the case. Reshoots are standard, especially for movies as big as this one, but they seem to always get some fans concerned about the final product. Once we get a trailer, we'll be able to at least begin to judge what the final product will actually look like. Expect to be able to make that judgment pretty soon.

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