The Room's Tommy Wiseau Wants To Clarify A Few Things About The Cult Favorite

To say that The Room is a movie surrounded by urban legends is a bit of an understatement. The film is shrouded in mystery thanks to its infamous behind-the-scenes shenanigans and on-the-screen ridiculousness. This is all in no small part thanks to the self-styled mystery of Tommy Wiseau, the writer, director, actor, and producer of The Room. People have questions about the project, some of which were the focus of The Disaster Artist. One rumor indicates the movie had no script, and Tommy Wiseau is a little sick of that one. As he recently said,

I'm myself. You know I correct some of the statements online on this garbage about the script did not exist on The Room, and it happened by accident. But definitely, there's a different impact right now that The Room has worldwide.

15 years after the release of The Room, Tommy Wiseau and Greg Sestero are back with Best F(r)iends, a new movie that takes inspiration from their unlikely friendship. The two sat down for a chat with The Hollywood Reporter, but you can't talk to these two without bringing up The Room. When asked how their lives have changed since the release of the award-winning Disaster Artist, Wiseau simply stated that he was himself. However, he did add that he's always correcting rumors about The Room. One such rumor is that the movie didn't have a script and that it "happened by accident," which Wiseau disagrees with.

There's some debate as to how much of The Room, dubbed the Citizen Kane of Bad Movies, was on purpose. The charm of the movie is how seriously it takes itself, which only makes everything more ridiculous. That's why The Room has become so popular for midnight screenings, but according to Wiseau, the movie was always envisioned as a comedy. Whether that's true or not is anyone's guess, but Wiseau is sticking to his guns on this one.

Only time will tell if Best F(r)iends will get a similar cult status as The Room. The plot follows a homeless drifter in Los Angeles who begins working at a morgue, only to realize his boss (Tommy Wiseau) is hiding a mysterious past. The film is directed by Justin MacGregor and written by Greg Sestero. Volume One of the movie releases on digital and on-demand September 25.

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