Tommy Wiseau Explains His Ideas For The Room's 3D Version

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The Room is a timeless cult classic that has maintained its popularity as a bizarre piece of cinema for almost two decades. Now director Tommy Wiseau seems to think that it's time for an upgrade by shifting to 3D. That said, it sounds like Wiseau doesn't just want to convert The Room to a 3D format; he wants to completely reshoot the iconic so-bad-it's-good movie in native 3D. Per Wiseau:

My idea is to actually do 3D but technology has changed and I need to maybe reshoot it -- with all the imperfections of course -- in 3D. Because I do have the footage... it'll be cheaper to reshoot it if you ask me based on the technology, my resources, than just to use what we have. So that's the plan for The Room.

Tommy Wiseau seems to have always maintained a fascination with various shooting formats in his vision of The Room. When he initially shot the cult classic, he even used digital and 35mm cameras simultaneously -- something pointed out as an incredibly bizarre, redundant, and unnecessary choice in The Disaster Artist. Now, with 3D technology experiencing a boom, Wiseau seems to want to go back and add another cinematic layer to The Room by remaking the entire thing in 3D, "imperfections" and all. Given The Room's reputation for its tumultuous production, it's a matter of waiting to see of Wiseau can get all of the actors back together for another take on the story.

With all of that said, none of this really explains why Tommy Wiseau even wants to see The Room made in 3D. The film mostly takes place within the confines of a single building, and occasionally moves out to other areas of San Francisco. It's not the type of movie that one would generally associate with the 3D format, but then again, Wiseau isn't necessarily known for making decisions that make complete sense.

Of course, Tommy Wiseau's comments to Screen Rant about reshooting The Room in 3D shouldn't really surprise anyone. After all, the guy has become notorious for his wild ideas over the years; that's kind of his whole shtick. In addition to his desire to reshoot The Room, he also recently opened up about the possibility of portraying The Joker in Todd Phillips' Joker origin movie, and his desire to improve upon Jared Leto's performance from Suicide Squad by throwing more emotion into the mix.

We will bring you more information about a possible 3D remake of The Room as new details are made available to us, but for now, you can check out James Franco's portrayal of Wiseau in The Disaster Artist, which is now available on Digital HD and will hit shelves on Blu-ray and DVD on March 13. As for the rest of this year's biggest movies, you can check out our movie premiere guide to see what else the silver screen world has in store.

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