How The Justice League Heroes Impacted Aquaman, According To Jason Momoa

Jason Momoa as Aquaman in Justice League

Almost a full year ago, we watched Jason Momoa's Aquaman make his full DC Extended Universe debut in Justice League. For many moviegoers, this was their first major exposure to the character, and this December we'll see how Arthur Curry handles himself in a standalone adventure. While Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Cyborg and Superman won't show up in Aquaman, Arthur was definitely impacted by his time with his fellow superheroes. When asked which Justice League protagonists left an impression on Aquaman, Momoa responded:

I think everyone has really a lot of examples. I mean, me and Cyborg are definitely very much watching out for each other in the sense that I don't trust him and he doesn't trust me. I think we learn a lot from each other, you know what I mean? Wonder Woman, she's easy on the eyes, so I'm going to listen to her a little more [laughs]. Bruce, I like to just, you know, 'I don't really wanna hear it. I'll do it, not because you said, but I'll do it.' And Ezra, I mean, Flash, he's great 'cause it's just like a little brother. Which, in life, he is my little brother. We have a great time. I've known him for very many years. It's a great dynamic and we're all so different and so complementary of each other, too, I think.

CinemaBlend's own Eric Eisenberg and other reporters recently visited the Aquaman edit bay to see how the upcoming DCEU movie was coming along, and Arthur Curry's time with the Justice League was among the many discussed topics.

As Jason Momoa made clear, each hero was impactful on the water-dwelling in their own special ways. Except for Superman, although Momoa probably didn't mention him because the Man of Steel didn't appear until the latter half of the movie and started out dishing a beating to the other heroes.

Aquaman's relationship with Cyborg seems to be the relationship that evolved the most during Justice League. Jason Momoa noted before the movie's release that those two would not get along, but Cyborg's actor, Ray Fisher, also mentioned that they're actually quite similar in that they're living in two "worlds." So yes, Arthur Curry had his own unique dynamic with Justice League's other starring players, but if we ever see these folks together again, it'd be especially interesting to see the Aquaman/Cyborg relationship further fleshed out.

As for why none of the other Justice League heroes are even cameoing in Aquaman, Jason Momoa has said it would simply cost too much, while director James Wan says it's because he wanted this movie to remain an Aquaman story and not worry about what the other characters are doing. In other words, don't expect any Caped Crusaders, Amazon princesses, Scarlet Speedsters or bionic men to assist Arthur or visit him after Ocean Master and Black Manta are defeated.

Aquaman swims into theaters on December 21, and if you're interested in learning what else the DCEU has on the way, look through our handy guide.

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