How Aquaman And Cyborg Are Similar In Justice League, According To Ray Fisher

Aquaman and Cyborg in Justice League

After cameoing in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice last year, both Aquaman and Cyborg will be making their full DC Extended Universe debut later this year in Justice League. Like Flash, they'll be recruited by Batman and Wonder Woman to help protect the Apokoliptan army led by Steppenwolf that's come to Earth in search of the three Mother Boxes. While each of the movie's starring heroes are outsiders in their own way, Ray Fisher notes that his character and Jason Momoa's Aquaman are uniquely connected because they both have their feet in two worlds. Fisher explained:

I feel that Victor and Aquaman are probably the most similar in that they're two individuals struggling with living basically half in one world, half in another. We could say the same thing about all of the characters, but specifically Aquaman being half-human and half-Atlantean, and Cyborg being half-human and half-robot. I think there is a recognition between them where they may not necessarily get along, and they may not necessarily trust one another at first, but it's that thing when you see someone who's like you, and when you resent yourself to begin with, it could create that sort of conflict between them. There is also a very deep level of respect at the same time.

While Aquaman definitely has an easier time blending in with a crowd compared to Cyborg, Ray Fisher brings up a good point about how both of them having to balance the different parts of themselves. For Aquaman, a.k.a. Arthur Curry, that means dealing with his mixed heritage, i.e. his father being human and his mother being Atlantean. For Cyborg, a.k.a. Victor Stone, he's holding on to what's left of his humanity after being reconstructed as a cybernetic being following a devastating accident. Fisher's comments to Screen Geek (via ScreenRant) suggest that Aquaman and Cyborg may not necessarily become the best of friends, but it sounds like they'll at least find common ground with one another to form the groundwork of a professional relationship.

In addition to the similarities he shares with Aquaman, Cyborg will also build a special bond with Flash during their time together in Justice League, as they both gained their powers through accidents and are the younger members of the newly-formed superhero team. Ideally working with these other superheroes will finally give Victor Stone a sense of belonging, as unlike his new allies, he cannot hide his true self behind a mask or another personality, resulting in a disconnect between himself and the general population. Of course, the first priority for all the Justice Leaguers will be to prevent Steppenwolf and his Parademon minions from laying waste. After that, then the heroes can spend time together in a more relaxed setting if they so choose.

You can see Aquaman and Cyborg in action alongside their superhero allies when Justice League is released on November 17. You can also look through our 2017 movie premiere guide to see what else is arriving in theaters as the year wraps up.

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