Netflix’s Bird Box Trailer Puts Sandra Bullock In A Horrifying Apocalypse

Earlier this year, audiences gazed intently on A Quiet Place as it explored the terror of silence. Another lost sense is being explored on Netflix's upcoming film Bird Box, starring Sandra Bullock, as an unseen threat has her character wearing a blindfold through desolate forests and raging rivers. Take a look:

Feel those chills coming on? Netflix's trailer for Bird Box offers a lot of intrigue and excitement for the movie coming out this winter. First off, seeing Sandy Bullock back in action in survival mode brings back memories from her incredible performance in 2013's Gravity.

This movie has the actress protecting her children and herself from an entity that takes the form of people's worst fears. Bullock is grounded, daring and understandably frightened in the trailer as she transforms from a short-haired pregnant woman to a badass survivor relentlessly looking out for her children.

Sandra Bullock is joined by a hugely talented cast as well including her recent Ocean's 8 costar Sarah Paulson, Predator's Trevante Rhodes, Get Out's Lil Rel Howery and John Malkovich. In the trailer, Bullock's character Malorie is getting an ultrasound with her sister (Paulson) when a woman is seen persistently banging her bloody head against glass in the hospital. The two drive out to a messy post-apocalyptic scene, with burning cars and mass hysteria. After the dust settles, Bullock finds herself in a house with other survivors hiding from the threat.

The trailer does an incredible job of explaining the stakes of the situation, revealing that people see their worst nightmare when they open their eyes. Eventually the survivors board up cars, cover their eyes, and stay indoors in order to continue to live.

The sequence where the survivors sit in a van with windows blocked out as the car sensors start reacting sets up what kind of thrills Bird Box will have. The most memorable highlight of the trailer is when Malorie is out alone with her kids on a river, as she tells them they cannot take off their blindfolds. It ends with her in the middle of the river on a boat holding out a gun at a indistinct figure in the distance which soon seems to approach her and take her down as the movie's title appears.

Bird Box continues a recent trend of Netflix releasing high-profile original movies to their library, as well as select theaters. The streaming service has a line-up of original movies featuring big names such as Outlaw King starring Chris Pine, a new Coen Brothers film The Ballad of Buster Scruggs and Alfonso Cuarón's Roma. Bird Box is coming to Netflix and select theaters on December 21.

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