Awesome Doctor Strange Cosplay Brings His Cloak Of Levitation To Life

The Incredibles' Edna Mode might have made the case for why superheroes should ditch capes but she never said anything about a good old-fashioned cloak. Doctor Strange wears the Cloak of Levitation as a unique fashion statement, and it's also sort of his sidekick. A pair of cosplayers recently brought the dynamic between the two to life at this year's New York Comic Con. Check it out:

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Magic and mysticism indeed! The fun Instagram video from @officialherohair has sibling cosplayers Bill Russell as Doctor Strange and Carolyn Michelle as the Cloak of Levitation getting into character and dazzling onlookers with their super convincing costumes of the Marvel characters. While the two pose as the unlikely duo, a young kid in the background excitedly yells "That's the Cloak of Levitation!," showing just how much the cosplay works.

Cosplayers are always putting their own spin on our favorite characters and surprising us with their creative choices, and this one completely defies expectations. Dressing up as a cape isn't your typical cosplay fare by any means, but it's a really fun choice that was certainly planned well and executed beautifully as well. I just hope the cosplayer figured out eye-holes for her costume, because floating blindly is a probably a capital crime in some realms.

2016's Doctor Strange introduced the Cloak of Levitation to moviegoers as a fashion statement with a personality and a bit of a mind of its own. It stole the show with its funny antics of playing backup for Benedict Cumberbatch's Stephen Strange and coming to life with its surprisingly emotional performance.

The Cloak of Levitation also made an appearance in Avengers: Infinity War, but when Doctor Strange turned to dust along with half of humanity's population, so did the cloak. Considering the magical elements of the piece of clothing, it could be of some use to the Avengers depending on how things go when the movie comes out next year. While a sequel to Doctor Strange is reportedly in the works, due to the unsung fate of the Master of Mystic Arts, the studio is keeping it hush hush.

Doctor Strange did have quite the formidable role in Avengers: Infinity War, as he was the hero who saw the one way the Avengers could win against Thanos, leading him to make the decision to keep Tony Stark alive for the price of the Time Stone at Thanos' possession. The hero definitely brings a lot to the MCU considering he was the first to introduce magic to the universe, and that pesky time element that could play a huge role in Avengers 4, which comes to theaters on May 3, 2019.

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