First Avengers 4 Trailer Isn't Too Far Away

Groot, Thor, and Rocket
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In just six months Avengers 4, which still doesn't have a actual title trailer or synopsis, will arrive in theaters. This is uncharted territory for a Marvel film, in regards to marketing. The studio usually amps their upcoming superhero films well ahead of release dates -- Infinity War for example had its first teaser premiere at D23 Expo, almost a full year ahead of its release. At this point, fans have been at the edge of their seats waiting, wondering if Marvel would even drop an Avengers 4 trailer before the film at all. We do finally have an answer to if and when the Avengers 4 trailer will drop, thanks to Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige. Yesterday Feige revealed that we'll be getting a trailer sometime before the end of the year.

After months of radio silence, we finally have a rough ETA for the Avengers 4 trailer, thanks to Los Angeles-based journalist, Erick Weber. Before attending a special screening and reception for Black Panther, Weber took to Twitter to ask fans for their burning questions concerning Avengers 4 and Marvel and didn't come back empty-handed. He tweeted out the news that that Kevin Feige said the trailer would premiere before the end of 2018, who was an attendee at the screening.

This means we should expect the trailer any day from now until the new year, so let the impatient social media refresh begin. While Avengers 4 was originally shot back to back with Infinity War, reshoots just wrapped for the production, so the Russo Brothers might want a little time to toy with the rest of the footage before putting any of it out -- so we should be patient.

The holiday season is coming around the corner, and Disney has two big releases on the docket around that time, so they could be waiting for the release of either Ralph Breaks the Internet coming out on Thanksgiving weekend or Mary Poppins Returns, which is taking the Star Wars franchise's typical week-before Christmas spot. Next week's release of Nutcracker and the Four Realms is also a possibility, but not as likely.

The Avengers 4 trailer will likely find its way first on the internet, but premiering a huge trailer such as this one next to another Disney release will drum up additional hype and get people talking about all the way until it's late-Spring release date. Although, after the huge success of Avengers: Infinity War and that cliffhanger ending, anticipation is already way high. The audience is already there and most people don't need to be sold on it, they're going to buy a ticket either way.

Even when we do get a trailer, considering how especially high-stakes and underwraps a release like Avengers 4 is, I'm betting it will offer more shocks and hype to accompany the ending of Infinity War. This is the kind of rare release where Marvel really has us reeled in so they have room to play with our minds and really tease what will happen next when the movie comes out on May 3, 2019.

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