The Funny Reason Jason Momoa Preferred Doing Justice League Over His Aquaman Movie

Jason Momoa talking about Aquaman movie 2018

Jason Momoa is about to headline what will likely end up being one of the biggest movies of 2018 (with a box office that will carry over into 2019). That's a huge deal and Momoa seemed ready to rise to the challenge when he talked to CinemaBlend at a recent event. However, he did reveal one teeny little secret, noting he had more fun filming Justice League than doing the heavy lifting on Aquaman. He told us:

I really loved being with all of my friends, you know? We had a great time doing Justice League. Zack's amazing. And then it's, it was phenomenal having your own story. I mean ultimately, I probably had a better, more fun personally doing Justice League. Because I'm not in everything! So, life is probably a little bit better, because someone else is working. But, you know, it's all your show. It's your movie, and that's super important, too.

Filming an ensemble superhero movie is a lot different than filming your own superhero movie, and Jason Momoa playfully told CinemaBlend's Sean O'Connell that he just liked hanging out with his pals and filming some Justice League scenes, maybe even a wee bit more than he liked the additional work that was a part of starring in his own solo movie. That's the mark of a man who enjoys his leisure time.

Having said this, Jason Momoa has been open about his experiences with getting cast as Aquaman and the subsequent work he has put in to play the character, so even if he's joking around about his DC work, he definitely hasn't taken it lightly. It's also true that Justice League did a lot of the work to get audiences comfortable and excited about what's next with the character, which means Aquaman should have some fun filling in the gaps regarding what we know about the character, and Momoa certainly isn't sad about appearing in James Wan's upcoming movie.

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Yet, with Justice League 2 still a giant question mark on Warner Bros.' schedule, if Aquaman ends up endearing itself to the fanbase worldwide, Jason Momoa might be doing more heavy lifting sooner than he might think. Aquaman 2 really rolls easily off the tongue.

Aquaman officially opens in theaters on December 18, if you weren't able to get into an early screening. Be sure to check out what movies will be competing with Arthur Curry and co. with our full movies schedule and see what else DC has in the works on the big screen right now with our full guide.

Of course a lot of how the DC movie schedule plays out over the next few years will depend on the box office the new movie is able to pull in. We've heard Aquaman could make upwards of $100 million on opening weekend domestically. We also know that early screenings of the movie sold out to the point that more screenings were added as part of an Amazon Prime deal.

For now, you can take a look at Sean's interview with Jason Momoa, below.

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