Crazy Rich Asians’ Constance Wu Has A Reason For Not Wanting To Join The Star Wars Franchise

Constance Wu as Rachel Chu putting on a fashion show in Crazy Rich Asians
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The Star Wars universe isn't going anywhere, with Episode IX, two original television shows from the upcoming streaming service Disney+, Rian Johnson's planned new trilogy and the film series from Game of Thrones showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss all on the way. However, you can rule out Crazy Rich Asians lead Constance Wu among the long line of actors eager to sign themselves up for a role for a chance to wield a lightsaber and rock space buns. Here's what Wu said:

I want to take roles that challenge me in different ways every year. I'm ready for something new, so thinking about that makes me feel like it's golden shackles.

It looks like the Force isn't with Constance Wu! It's not that the actress doesn't love the Star Wars franchise, she just doesn't want to tied to a long contract movie deal. She was asked by Rogue One's Jyn Erso herself during an episode of Variety's Actors on Actors starring Wu and Felicity Jones.

Before Star Wars fans write off Constance Wu, she did give some understandable reasons why she wouldn't be instantly attracted to working on a Star Wars film. She has been doing a lot of the same as Jessica Huang on ABC's comedy series Fresh Off the Boat for five seasons and is ready to regularly challenge herself with a mixture of roles.

Felicity Jones' Star Wars experience was an exception to the norm of the franchise, as Rogue One was a standalone film that pretty much hits the self-destruct button for potential sequels as the film closes. In the Variety interview, Jones expressed to Constance Wu about how she would love to play the part again and have the stability Wu has found on Fresh Off the Boat.

Constance Wu then back-tracked a bit, thinking back to her massive press junket for this summer's massive hit Crazy Rich Asians. Wu loved coming back to a familiar set of Fresh Off the Boat and appreciates the comfort of it.

She likely already has a franchise on her hands, since Crazy Rich Asians was the highest-grossing rom-com since 2009's The Proposal, just received two Golden Globe nominations (including a nod for Constance Wu for Best Actress in a Comedy) and has two sequels in the works for the characters based on novels by Kevin Kwan.

Crazy Rich Asians has been confirmed for a sequel, but it looks like Wu just hasn't gotten the official call yet, and director Jon M. Chu has In the Heights lined up to work on in 2019 first.

As far as Star Wars is concerned, pretty much anything is possible considering the franchises plans to go backwards and forwards in the timeline in their film and television show endeavors. Constance Wu could certainly find a short-lived role if she wanted to, and I think she would be a great fit for the franchise.

While Felicity Jones' chances of returning to Rogue One seem initially dim, her costar Diego Luna, who played Cassian Andor is getting a Disney+ series of his own, which precedes the Star Wars prequel even further. Maybe there's hope for Jyn Erso too?

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