Jason Momoa Doesn't Blame Henry Cavill Or Ben Affleck If They're Done With DCEU

Batman and Aquaman in Justice League

The future of the DC movie universe is far from clear in regards to two major characters. Whether or not we'll ever see Henry Cavill as Superman or Ben Affleck as Batman again in a DC movie is unknown. However, if they are both, in fact, done with their runs, Aquaman 's Jason Momoa says he doesn't hold it against them. While it sounds like Momoa would love to work with them both again, if that doesn't happen he understands that each of them needs to do whatever it is they need to do. According to Momoa...

If they're both out, then listen: It's just the place they're at in their careers. I mean, how many has Henry done? He's done three? Yeah, I mean, like, you want to move on. I think if I did... shit, I have done three. ... I mean, Henry wants to just expand on something. Ben is an amazing director that is of age, and probably he's done enough. I don't know how to speak on behalf of them, but I had the time of my life [on 'Justice League'].

Of course, either Jason Momoa doesn't know what's really going on with the greater DCEU or he's expected to pretend like he doesn't. Even if he has inside info, and it certainly sounds like what he tells Huffington Post that he doesn't, he's not going to be the one to spill the beans. There will be official channels when these sorts of things are done.

Nothing within DC's film universe is cut and dried, but rumors have circulated in the past few months that Henry Cavill is actually done playing Superman. While there have been reports that this isn't the case, what does seem clear is that there no plans for new Superman movies in the near future so we won't be seeing Cavill play Superman, even if he technically still has the job.

The conversation regarding Ben Affleck's Batman is a bit different. We know that in that case there is a Batman movie on the way, Matt Reeves has been working on a script and is set to direct. Of course, the fact that Ben Affleck himself was going to write and direct the film, but decided to step away, has made fans wonder if he'll still show up in front of the camera. Everybody involved has been fairly cagey in their responses when asked if Affleck would be back. Nothing definitive has been said one way or the other.

In the end, Jason Momoa's comments are just reflective of the fact that, at the end of the day, making movies is a job, and we all want our careers to fulfilling in some way, and it's possible that both Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck have just decided that they'd rather do something else.

With a Batman movie on the way, we'll almost certainly know what's up with that character before we get anything definitive on Superman. Until then, we know we'll have two other Justice League members to keep us entertained, as Aquaman is only a couple of weeks away and Wonder Woman 1984 is coming after that.

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