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Why Jason Momoa Is Waiting To Watch Aquaman

Jason Momoa in Aquaman

The last big superhero movie of the year, Aquaman is still two weeks away. But some lucky individuals have already got a chance to see the movie. But one person who hasn't taken that plunge yet, is none other than Arthur Curry himself, Jason Momoa. The star of the film is actually waiting to watch Aquaman, so he can see it for the first time with his kids. As he explained to CinemaBlend:

I haven't seen it yet. ... I have a valid point. It's not that I don't want to see it. It's just that I want to see it with my babies. They were with me down there, and they're 10 and 11. I can't even imagine wrapping my head around that experience -- I don't want to know. I want to feel their little hearts. It's going to be good. My son's a big fan of Batman, so that may just end after he sees Aquaman.

In his interview with CinemaBlend's own Sean O'Connell, Jason Momoa makes sure to clarify that although he hasn't seen the movie yet, it isn't because he doesn't want to. The actor just wants to save the experience of seeing the movie for the first time for when he can do so with his two children.

It is an incredibly sweet sentiment from the loving father who wants to share this experience with his kids. They saw all the work he put in to this film and this character, and he wants to be with them in the theater to see Aquaman. This will allow the family to share all the completed special effects, experiencing every thrill, laugh and heart-pounding moment together for the first time.

What's extras exciting is that at 10 and 11, Jason Momoa's children are both old enough that they will remember this experience. So opting to wait to see it with them will mean even more.

Jason Momoa also seems to have some personal skin in the game with regard to who his son thinks is the coolest superhero. Lots of kids think of their dads as superheroes, and when your father is Jason Momoa it's probably pretty easy. But his son is currently a fan of the Dark Knight (at least he didn't say Namor) and Jason Momoa is hoping that watching the movie with him will convert him into a big Aquaman fan.

I can just imagine the effortlessly cool Jason Momoa trying too hard while watching Aquaman, elbowing his son saying 'See that! Batman can't do that, he'd drown! Plus have you seen Gotham? It's a dump, look how nice Atlantis is!'

While Jason Momoa is waiting to see Aquaman, and with good reason, some other people already have seen the DCEU flick and the early reactions are very positive. The forecast is good at the box office as well, with Aquaman tracking at a $65 million opening in a positively stacked weekend and $100 million in the first five days.

You too might be able to see Aquaman a little early if you're an Amazon Prime (opens in new tab) member as there will be special showings on December 15th. For everyone else, Aquaman splashes into theaters on December 21st. Check out our 2019 Release Schedule for all of the biggest movies diving into theaters next year.

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