How Venom's Classic Look Might Show Up In A Sequel

Venom with tongue

Venom's big screen version borrowed a lot from his comic book origins, but one thing was missing. Since the film version of the character wasn't born out of a Spider-Man story, as he was in the comics, the giant white spider-logo that usually graces Venom's chest was nowhere to be found. However, while we didn't see the image in the first film, that doesn't necessarily rule out that it won't show up eventually. Venom co-producer Jeff Pinkner reveals in one of the special features of the new Venom Blu-ray, that, the possibility is always there in a sequel. According to Pinkner...

One of the things that sparked outrage is the fact that Venom does not have a big Spider-Man emblem across his chest. In a movie where Spider-Man exists in the universe, but does exist in our story, it would make no sense. This is not to say that in a future movie down the line that a symbiote and Spider-Man might not share a moment and that symbiote might end up with a Spider-Man emblem splashed across its chest.

Comments have been made, as Jeff Pinkner does here, that Spider-Man does exist in the universe that Venom inhabits, and thus the possibility for the two characters to meet is certainly there. It seems that were that to actually happen, the possibility of classic Venom logo appearing is always there.

Of course, interestingly, based on the way Jeff Pinkner phrases his comments, he's not saying that Venom himself/itself could gain the logo, but that a symbiote could end up interacting with Spider-Man at some point and gain it. So we could see the image that comic book fans know on Venom, but on another character.

On the one hand, it makes sense. It's only the symbiote's interaction with Spider-Man that results in Venom using the image in the first place, and Venom, in the film version, never has that experience. So we're talking about giving Venom's traditional origin to some other symbiote.

At the same time, since Venom is completely malleable, there's nothing stopping Venom from adding the spider to its body in the future. Perhaps Venom and Spider-Man could end up either battling each other or even working together and the experience will be so important to Venom that it adds the spider logo to itself as a sign of respect.

It seems like a strange idea to give the Venom logo to another symbiote just for the purposes of getting it in there, but perhaps there's a plan already in place that does make sense. While fans were at least somewhat put off by movie Venom not having the logo, the explanation for why it was done certainly makes sense and I think most fans are probably ok with it at this point.

What's next for Venom, including his costume, has not been announced, but based on the way the movie has destroyed the box office, you can bet the sequels are being planned as we speak.

Venom is now available on Digital HD and Blu-ray.

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