James Wan Doesn't Mind If You Think Aquaman Is 'Cheesy'

Aquaman Jason Momoa 2018 movie

It's been one week since Aquaman released in theaters and the movie is cleaning up at the box office. While it is by no means a perfect movie, it's fun, light, and knows exactly what it is. Even if some fans think that the film can be pretty cheesy at times, well, that's okay with director James Wan! He wanted to make a sentimental movie, and if people think that's cheesy, then so be it. Here's what he said.

And of course, Steven Spielberg is one of my idols, and he's one guy who is not afraid to be sentimental in his films. So I thought you know what, there's nothing wrong with that. And I don't care if people think it's cheesy or too sentimental. It is who I am, and that's the only way I know how to make my films: be true to myself.

Aquaman is a movie that very much wears its heart on its sleeve. The film opens with a love story about an undersea princess and a lighthouse keeper starting a family, and has qualities not unlike a fairy tale. In addition to that romance, there's a magical kingdom, an evil king, a quest to find an artifact that can save the world, and ANOTHER romance with a princess.

All of that is intentional, and Aquaman isn't afraid to show some sincerity. However, sometimes that sincerity can get lumped in with being cheesy, a word that's been used to describe Aquaman. Director James Wan is fine with that comparison.

James Wan told ScreenRant that he only knows how to make movies that are true to himself and he's a sentimental guy. Plus, Steven Spielberg isn't afraid to get emotionally tender in any of his films, and if Spielberg can do it, then that's the green light for any filmmaker to do so as well.

This writer would argue that being cheesy isn't a bad thing, if done well, and Aquaman does it well. It's a pretty self-aware movie that knows when it's getting cheesy but owns it.

Also, it's not like there isn't plenty of action to balance out that cheese (and that Pitbull song). The whole last half hour of the movie is really epic and should satisfy anyone who wanted a little more action from this blockbuster film.

You can decide for yourself if Aquaman is too cheesy or not by going to see the movie. The DC superhero film is out in theaters right now, so feel free to check it out once you've got a moment. With 2019 fast approaching, be sure to keep an eye out for all the big releases still yet to come by reading our 2019 movie release guide.

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