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Last year, Netflix aired the BBC One sensation Bodyguard, a series starring Richard Madden as a bodyguard tasked with protecting a prominent politician. If you're one of the many who binged that show and are looking for another suspense-filled story about a bodyguard, you're in luck. Netflix has you covered with its upcoming original film Close, which sees Noomi Rapace's character protecting a wealthy young heiress. Check out the trailer for Close in the video below:

When this trailer begins, we see Sophie Nélisse's character, Zoe, in hysterics, fearful and begging for her life as an armed man approaches. Beside her is Noomi Rapace's Sam, who is not nearly so helpless; she plays dead, and then with cold efficiency, she shoots the man. It's an awesome and suspenseful way to really set the stage for the rest of the trailer and what we can expect from these two characters and their dynamic.

Zoe is a wealthy heiress and comes off as a spoiled brat, whose naivety will likely make her bodyguard's job more difficult. Noomi Rapace, on the other hand (who is no stranger to playing a badass, having starred in the Swedish The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo films), plays a security expert and bodyguard who is highly capable, never seems rattled and is willing to do what is necessary in all situations.

We see that throughout the trailer, as Sam is not only willing to engage in gunfights to protect Zoe, but will act even when outgunned, outmanned and unarmed. From the gunfights to the physical combat, Close looks to have a lot of intense and brutal action, with Noomi Rapace's character not only dishing out punishment of her own, but teaching Zoe to do the same, giving her agency over her survival.

That's good because it looks like things will go from bad to worse and Zoe will find herself in a place with none of the luxuries she is used to. As a result, she'll have to rely on Sam to stay alive as they go on the run from whoever is hunting them. That 'on the run' element paints this as a suspenseful, edge of your seat thriller where things can turn on a dime at any moment.

Close appears to be an equal blend of action and suspense because Sam and Zoe not only need to survive and evade or take out their pursuers, but there is also a plot at play too from Indira Varma's character that might leave them alone and without backup, unable to trust anyone. If they are ever to be truly safe, they will have to uncover that plot.

Close is directed by Vicky Jewson and premieres on Netflix on January 18. Check out our 2019 Netflix premiere schedule for the shows headed to the service in the coming months, and for theatrical movies, check out our release calendar.