Rami Malek Introduced Himself To Lady Gaga At The Globes In The Cutest Way

Awards season can be really competitive. Actors in all sorts of categories are bound to bump into each other at the various galas that take place in any given year, and at tonight's Golden Globes, a particularly adorable meeting took place. As you'll see in the footage below, Rami Malek got to meet Lady Gaga before the ceremony, and he presented himself in quite a beautiful and professional fashion.

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Upon meeting Lady Gaga in the flesh, Rami Malek noticed Gaga at her table, and immediately bowed with a firm and friendly handshake offered to his fellow nominee. But the polities don't end there, as some additional conversation also took place between the two notable performers, as one could assume would happen between two stars of such a high and polite caliber.

But the capper, the true cherry on top, is Rami's closer: the bow. He bows at the end of their meeting, and a memorable moment was crafted for social media. Looking at the reason they're both at the Golden Globes, it's not hard to see why the two actors might be so excited at meeting one another.

Both were nominated for their film work in 2018, with Malek earning a nod for Best Actor in his performance as Freddie Mercury in Bohemian Rhapsody and Lady Gaga touted as a potential for Best Actress in A Star Is Born. One could say this meeting was doubly bound to happen. Not only have Rami Malek and Lady Gaga impressed critics all over with their lead spots in musical films that made a huge impression in 2018, but they took larger-than-life personas to the big screen and made them stand out.

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So seeing Rami Malek and Lady Gaga running into each other on what's probably the biggest night of their recent careers obviously seems a little like kismet. It's obviously a moment where they should both be in the highest of spirits. Though there's also the undoubtable possibility that both are mutual fans of each other's previous work, and this footage on Twitter could speak to that claim.

After all, Lady Gaga is a mega music star who has also done some acting work on American Horror Story, which also netted her a Golden Globe win; and Rami Malek has won praise all around for his role on USA's Mr. Robot. But really, after seeing all of the press that both have done, let's be honest: both Gaga and Malek are pretty cool dudes in their own right. So this is really just a crossover of two cool dudes, duding out at a ceremony of other cool dudes, honoring cool dudes.

Our wishes of good luck go to these cool award nominated dudes, as both Bohemian Rhapsody andA Star Is Born will undoubtedly gain more buzz and praise as awards season continues. Here's hoping that if there's a mutual Oscar nomination in their future, they'll do something even more awesome for their reteaming.

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