Anne Hathaway Reveals The Worst Part Of Hosting The Oscars

Anne Hathaway in 2018's Ocean's Eight
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In anticipation for this year's Oscar ceremony, the Academy has been having quite the host problem. So much so that for the first time in 30 years, there will not be be a host for the upcoming show. We've recently heard the Oscars gig get called a "thankless" job -- something Anne Hathaway experienced firsthand with her co-host James Franco back in 2011. When she recently was asked about the worst part of hosting the Oscars, here's what she said:

The next day. Finding out how you actually did. 'Cause it feels nice. Everyone tells you it's going well; while you are doing it, it's just like doing anything. ... My approach to all this stuff is really simple. We're lucky. Whether or not it does well or it bombs, this is the stuff of dreams. This is not something to get upset about. Now that being said, when it really bombs it does sting a little bit.

The show Anne Hathaway and James Franco hosted is infamously regarded as quite the trainwreck due to the actors' lack of chemistry. James Franco's laidback performance just didn't match-up with Anne Hathaway's chipper energy. What's worse is Anne Hathaway felt good about it while she was actually hosting the Oscars, noting people told her at the time things were going well. It was only the next day when she woke up to scrutiny about the big Hollywood night that she was able to see the whole picture.

Eight years later, the actress seems to have a positive approach to the experience. As she explained to Entertainment Tonight, she feels lucky to have been given the honor to host and she feels she learned a valuable life lesson as a result about bombing an event.

James Franco has spoken out since the 2011 show about his regret about saying "yes" to hosting duties that year. The actor was nominated for his work on 127 Hours, so he said he was already nervous about the results. Franco also has previously admitted that he came off -- unfortunately -- as the "dead man" during the ceremony when he was shooting for playing the "straight man." So, all in all, it seems he learned from the experience, as well.

Anne Hathaway later had her crowning Oscar moment in 2013 when she won for her role in Les Misérables. The actress was asked about her time as an Oscar host in light of this year's hosting issues that began when Kevin Hart stepped down after tweets from his past resurfaced shortly after he was announced as host.

The Oscars will go on this year without a host at its center -- though the Academy is reportedly looking to buff up the list of presenters to make up for it, reportedly by assembling the Avengers. The show will air on February 24 at 5 p.m. on ABC.

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