Pete Davidson And John Mulaney Review The Mule: A Superhero Movie For Old People

Pete Davidson's back on Saturday Night Live after a few weeks of making headlines for mental health issues following his breakup with pop singer Ariana Grande, but this week he had more important things to talk about during "Weekend Update," namely The Mule. Take a look at what he has to say about the new Clint Eastwood movie in front of SNL costars Colin Jost and Michael Che, below.

Pete Davidson kicked off the "Weekend Update" segment calling Colin Jost and Michael Che "morons" for not checking out The Mule this far into its theatrical run, Pete Davidson brought on fellow"Mule appreciator" John Mulaney to chat about the flick.

After cracking jokes about Pete Davidson's mental health, the two revealed they went into The Mule with low, nay, really no expectations whatsoever. The two men go on to proclaim it: "The greatest, weirdest, most bananas movie ever made." That's screaming for a DVD box pull-quote.

The jokes are pretty tied in to Clint Eastwood's performance, namely the fact Eastwood is playing a 90-year-old drug mule, who is not only a drug mule, but who is driving a car throughout the movie. There are a lot of driving jokes, along with comparisons to how The Mule is really an on-the-down-low superhero flick.

In real life Clint Eastwood is 88 and actually directed the movie, which is a little bit more impressive than just driving a car. Still, the whole bit is in good fun, even if they go on and on about the two threesomes Clint Eastwood's character, Earl, manages to have in the span of the flick's 117 minute runtime. Let's just remember the actor isn't even trying to play someone younger in this flick!

In actuality, The Mule is running at 66% positive on Rotten Tomatoes with a similar 68% user score. It also nabbed an A- CinemaScore and has made $101.8 million at the box office so far, so it's been a sneakily popular title since its release date back in mid-December.

Even though Spider-Man: Into The Spider-verse's John Mulaney and Pete Davidson's bit is a pretty amusing one, overall The Mule has been a big success story for Warner Bros. this holiday season, along with the other big holiday release from the studio Aquaman. (OK maybe they aren't super comparable, as Aquaman made over a billion already; still, it hasn't been a bad holiday season for the studio.)

You can still catch The Mule in theaters if movies about drugs, violence and threesomes starring Clint Eastwood sound like your thing. If not, you can take a look at what all is coming up this year at the movies with CinemaBlend's full release schedule. If you'd like to tune in for Saturday Night Live's big take on pop culture on Saturday evenings, only on NBC.

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