Star Wars: Episode IX Actor's Cryptic Teases Are Confusing The Hoth Out Of Fans

C-3PO and Luke Skywalker in Star Wars: Return of the Jedi

Star Wars: Episode IX is not yet fully operational. No trailer. No title (unless this one is true). We just have a release date of December 20, and we know that certain actors have recently finished filming their roles -- for now and potentially forever.

One of those actors is Anthony Daniels, who has played C-3PO across the Skywalker Saga since Episode IV came out in 1977. He shared a beautiful post after wrapping his role in Episode IX ... and then proceeded to tease fans with an announcement of some kind.

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Fans immediately thought/hoped the Star Wars actor might be teasing the Episode IX trailer, or at least the title.

But then Anthony Daniels followed up with this even more cryptic tweet:

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So ... not a trailer or title, not an X -- meaning not for Star Wars: Episode IX or...? And who is the one who was looking the right way? It made little sense to fans, and this follow-up didn't help much:

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Huh? Fans were confused and -- in some cases -- irritated. Others really read into that T-R-A-V tease.

Some thought it might just be a longwinded way for the actor to say he'd be traveling to Star Wars Celebration 2019, which is being held April 11-15 in Chicago. That is the current major guess for when fans will get things like the first official trailer.

Others had more fun with the tease:

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And another try:

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There's also this fantastic exchange someone had after joking that T-R-A-V might be Travelocity:

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That Kleo fan replied to Travelocity's Ernest by thanking him for reaching out and politely asking if he could reveal the title of Star Wars: Episode IX. "Thanks in advance!" Classic.

But this one might actually be my favorite:

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If indeed it turns out that Anthony Daniels was just teasing his trip to Chicago for Star Wars Celebration ... well, good for him for keeping fans occupied with speculation in the meantime. Mark Hamill has been trying to do the same thing, in his own way.

The Star Wars fandom didn't get a trailer during Super Bowl, and the fans who do want more information will take just about anything. Some fans don't think Star Wars: Episode IX needs a big trailer to promote the film. And other (former?) fans are so frustrated with the Stars Wars galaxy at this point that they only care enough to complain about it.

Eventually, Star Wars: Episode IX will reveal its full title -- following The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi, in this trilogy -- and the movie will open in theaters on December 20. Here's what else is scheduled to play in theaters in 2019.

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