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In general, Halloween costumes are the kind of things you use once and then throw away, because unless you reuse them year after year, there’s not really a good reason to hang onto them. However, having a costume lying around can come in handy in unexpected ways as one lottery winner in Jamaica proved. The lottery winner actually wore the Ghostface mask from Scream to collect his winnings. Take a look:

What an odd sight. Surrounded by people in professional-looking business attire is a dude in a mask from the classic 1996 horror film. The photo of him signing official documents is especially funny, like "If you could just sign here and here Mr. Ghostface." This wasn’t just a stunt or an attempt to be funny though; the lotto winner is wearing the Ghostface mask in order to conceal his identity.

That’s likely because lottery winners in some countries dress in disguises as a way to protect their identities out of fear for their safety. Better to not open yourself up to a potential crime by letting people know who you are and how much money you have thanks to the lottery.

This individual opted for a fun movie reference when collecting his winnings. Maybe he’s a fan of Wes Craven’s movie or maybe this was just the mask he had. He didn't wear the full Ghostface costume though, so perhaps he couldn’t find the rest or never had it, either way, the mask came in handy. He didn’t take any chances either, in addition to covering his face he even wore gloves to make sure he couldn’t be identified in any way.

Evidently a Jamaican woman previously collected her prize dressed as an emoji, which it must be said, does not represent a movie that is as good as Scream. So this kind of thing isn’t unexpected, which is probably for the best because I tend to think walking into a place that distributes money wearing a Ghostface mask might give off the wrong impression.

According to USA Today, the winner, referred to as “A. Campbell” purchased the ticket in Kingston, Jamaica and won over $1.1 million from the Jamaican gambling company. He waited 54 days to come forward, which was probably a savvy move if he was getting his affairs in order and looking for that mask.

The man going by A. Campbell apparently plans to use his winnings to buy a house. He looks happy about it too. The Ghostface mask is quite expressive and actually appropriate for a lottery winner, a mix of shock, happiness and a little bit of fear.

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