A Fighting With My Family Sequel? Here’s What Paige Has To Say

Fighting With My Family Florence Pugh stands in the middle of Wrestlemania looking at the setup

While most biographical movies tend to take a one-and-done approach to their storytelling, there’s obviously plenty of story left by the time Fighting With My Family ends. So obviously, fans of WWE Superstar Paige are probably going to wonder if anyone involved with the film has approached the idea of a follow-up that jumps into the further depths of her career’s development. Well, as far as Paige herself is concerned, she seems game for another film, but as you’ll see below, she’s focused on the here and now:

Oh man. It’d be an interesting sequel, I’ll tell you that. I haven’t spoke to [Stephen Merchant] properly about it yet. We’ll get this one out of the way first, and then get the second one underway.

That’s certainly not a stone cold confirmation of any sort of a Fighting With My Family sequel, as the current film is just opening in theaters this weekend. However, with Paige on board and the movie ready to try and win the hearts of both wrestling loyalists and non-wrestling fans alike, it’s only a matter of time before someone starts to try and figure out just how to make another installment happen.

Paige’s career ran about a good four years or so past the events of Fighting With My Family, leaving a lot of history uncovered by the Stephen Merchant written/directed film. So unlike your typical biopic, the structure of this film focuses on a more intense portion of time, leaving a lot of material to be covered in another film.

Not only does that material include the ever-evolving role of female wrestlers in the WWE, but there are also subjects such as various scandals and setbacks that cropped up during Paige’s career, as well as her eventual retirement due to injury and a surprise Scoliosis diagnosis. Any one of those subjects, should they be approached in the same way as Fighting With My Family, would only follow in the footsteps of the first film’s approach to Paige’s life.

As her story is far from the standard of underdogs winning the day, and having perfect careers until their retirement, Paige’s story is one that is just as human and affecting as the moments we saw in Fighting With My Family. Certainly not one to shy away from moments such as those, you can see how excited the WWE superstar is about tackling such a project, in the video from our conversation during the film’s recent press junket.

With Fighting With My Family bringing Paige’s origin story to light in a manner that appeals to both fans and non-fans, there’s a possibility that this weekend’s grosses will tell a tale of a public wanting more. And so long as Paige and Stephen Merchant are ready to team up again, there’s a good chance that they’ll get exactly that.

Of course, as the lady herself has pointed out, Fighting With My Family needs people to see it before there’s any chance of a sequel. The film is now in theaters, ready to fight a ladder match with your heart.

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