Sylvester Stallone Is Making His Own Superhero Movie

Sylvester Stallone boxing

Superhero movies are all the rage, and more and more actors are getting involved with making them. Case in point, Sylvester Stallone is eyeing a new project that would have him star in a superhero movie. Stallone first got his taste of the genre in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, but this new project would put him in the lead role as an aging superhero.

Per Variety, MGM is developing a superhero drama called Samaritan. Sylvester Stallone is attached to star and produce through his production company Balboa Productions. The story centers on a young boy who believes he has found a superhero who went missing after a massive battle 20 years ago. One would assume that Stallone is the missing hero in question.

The script was written by Bragi F. Schut, whose previous credits include Escape Room, the horror-thriller that released earlier this year. The film grossed $115 million worldwide.

No director is currently attached to the project and that's about everything we know about Samaritan. It's not too often the a superhero movie based on an original idea rolls around, so it'll be interesting to see how this plays with audiences when IP-based content is the main moneymaker these days.

If you are excluding Judge Dredd (which you should), this will be Sylvester Stallone's first time as the lead in a superhero movie. The actor previously appeared in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 as a leader of the Ravagers, and he was set up for potential appearances in future films. It's unclear if that will ever happen, but now Stallone has a superhero movie all his own.

Before Samaritan arrives in theaters, Stallone has a number of projects on the docket. The actor has been working on getting ripped for Rambo 5: Last Blood, which will be the final adventure for one of Stallone's most popular characters. Stallone also has Escape Plan: The Extractors, the third film in the Escape Plan franchise. Stallone openly admitted that the second film was garbage, but he's got high hopes for this one!

Sylvester Stallone and his production company are also developing a film based on boxer Jack Johnson, the first African-American heavyweight champion. Johnson was convicted of violating the Mann Act in 1910 for transporting a woman across state lines for “immoral purposes,” and he was posthumously pardoned by President Donald Trump.

It's unknown when Samaritan will arrive in theaters, but stick with CinemaBlend and we will keep you updated on the latest movie news as soon as that information becomes available. It could be a few years until the movie premieres, so don't miss out on any of the awesome films that are coming out this year. You can find them all in our 2019 movie release guide.

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