Some Guy Tried To Steal Frances McDormand's Oscar Last Night

Frances McDormand won her second Academy Award at last night's Oscars for her performance in Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri. When she took the stage to accept the award, the brilliant actress delivered the most impassioned and talked about speech of the night. But after she stole the show, someone apparently decided to try and steal Frances McDormand's Oscar at the Governors Ball. Thankfully, the thief was deterred and Frances McDormand got her Oscar back. I know everyone in Hollywood wants an Oscar, but stealing one seems a bit extreme. Take a look below to see the Oscar thief who allegedly tried to make off with the coveted golden statue.

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Based on the Twitter post from New York Times reporter Cara Buckley, a heroic photographer got the Oscar back from the thief who then disappeared back into a sea of penguin suits. Well, apparently he wasn't that great at disappearing, because right when I was about to call for a few prominent billboards with this photo to help catch the suspect, there came news that the would-be thief has already been caught. According to Deadline, the man has been identified as Terry Bryant, who was arrested late last night and is facing a charge of felony grand theft. His bail has been set at $20,000.

Now, I would say that he might have gotten away with it if it weren't for that pesky photographer, but Terry Bryant shot a video of himself with the award at the Governors Ball, wherein he tells everyone within earshot that the Oscar is his and he can't believe he won. Not the best strategy if he wanted to actually get away with it. The man apparently had a ticket to the event, but if I had to guess he will not be invited back next year. This whole thing is quite baffling (and idiotic to be honest). Dude steals an Oscar that he didn't earn and claims it's his, which is easily refutable, to what, get some social media traction or get invited to an Oscar party? He also did seemingly everything in his power to get caught. An _Ocean's 8-_level heist this was not.

It's a shame that such nonsense came out of a night meant to honor the magic of movies and the amazing artists who bring them to life. While Frances McDormand may have brushed the whole situation off when it happened -- she reportedly said to let him go -- it is great that she got her Oscar back. No doubt the Academy would have gotten her another one, but it's still the principle of the thing. In a statement to various outlets, a rep for Frances McDormand noted that the actress was reunited with her well-earned statue and that the two were enjoying some In-N-Out, so all's well that ends well.

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