The Cool Wonder Woman Comic Memory That Inspired Brie Larson Growing Up

Jude Law and Brie Larson in Captain Marvel

On paper, comic book (and comic-book movie) fans have established a rivalry between Marvel and DC. Sure, they compete in the same space, but the “rivalry” is largely overstated, with both companies often finding inspiration in each other – and admitting that healthy competition often brings out the best in each other. Even Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige admits frequently on the record that he wants all comic book movies to succeed, because it benefits the industry.

Brie Larson is taking a page from that shared-inspiration playbook. When we spoke with Larson at the Captain Marvel press junket, we asked about comics that inspired her interpretation of Captain Marvel, expecting her to discuss a love for Stan Lee, Jim Starlin or Kelly Sue DeConnick (an inspiration for the screenplay of the new movie). However, Larson took a left turn and mentioned a love of Wonder Woman growing up that led to her finding the right balance for Carol Danvers. Larson told CinemaBlend:

There was a series where she was fighting in Mount Olympus and then would get that work done in time to go back to Earth and do a book signing. And there was something about that dynamic that really stuck with me my whole life. Like, ‘I want that!’ I want to be up in the clouds, and I also want to be down on Earth. I feel like that’s still who I am.

Ah, the concept of a dual identity. World-saving hero in one moment, ground human being the next. That does seem to be a signature of some of our favorite comic book personas, be it mild-mannered Clark Kent, or the bookish newspaper photographer Peter Parker. They often are able to escape from their “heroism” by disappearing into mundane existences. Many wouldn’t mistake them for superheroes, and yet, they are the ones putting their lives on the line when duty calls.

We haven’t yet seen Captain Marvel, so we don’t know how normal Carol Danvers will appear when she isn’t battling alongside the Kree. We know that part of her mission her on Earth will be sniffing out shape-shifting Skrulls, but how much down time does an adventure like that provide?

While you wait to see Captain Marvel, here’s Brie Larson talking about how one of DC’s biggest heroes helped her shape Marvel’s latest on-screen leader:

Captain Marvel is the next big MCU movie, and the last one to drop before Joe and Anthony Russo conclude Thanos’ storyline in Avengers: Endgame. It continues the cosmic storylines of the MCU, and potentially opens the doors to new worlds where movies can explore. It starts screening in theaters on Thursday, March 7. Are you going?

Sean O'Connell
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