James Wan Shares First Photo From Annabelle Comes Home

Director James Wan has been in the business for many years, but he's currently enjoying arguably his biggest success to date. Wan's DC debut Aquaman has helped Warner Bros.' shared universe bounce back, and the blockbuster was a critical and financial success. What's more, a sequel and spinoff are already in development. But Wan's roots are ultimately in the horror world, and he'll step back into the genre in a big way with Annabelle Comes Home, the upcoming threequel that he's producing.

James Wan introduced Annabelle to audiences when the creepy roll first popped up in The Conjuring, as the Warrens recounted some of their paranormal cases. She made enough of an impact that a spinoff movie was produced, aptly named Annabelle. It's sequel Annabelle: Creation improved on the franchise, and the upcoming threequel will include Vera Farmiga and Patrick Stewart's return to their Conjuring characters. Wan just revealed the first glimpse at Annabelle Comes Home, check it out below.

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Annabelle is back, and this time she's got some friends with her. Annabelle Comes Home will bring us back to the Warren's house, especially their terrifying room of haunted artifacts. And this poster teases that the haunted doll has some tricks up her little sleeve.

Annabelle Comes Home will focus largely on the Warren's daughter Judy, who we've seen a few times throughout the Conjuring franchise. This time she'll be played by young actress Mckenna Grace, who audiences will recognize from I, Tonya, and Gifted. Demonologists The Warrens will procure Annabelle after rescuing the doll's latest victims, and bring her back to their home. The couple has an entire room of haunted objects, but it looks like Annabelle will have a power the weren't prepared for. Instead, they may have given her a group of demonic allies.

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This new poster and Annabelle Comes Home's concept tease a very exciting threequel, forming a trilogy of horror movies in the process. The Warrens have been kept largely separate from the spinoffs, so it's exciting to see the deeper connection to the original franchise. James Wan is onboard as a producer, and his involvement should give cynics reason to relax. Especially as he continues basking in the sun of Aquaman's success.

The Annabelle franchise has already had an interesting life in theaters. The original film was the very first spinoff to come from The Conjuring Universe, something which will become more popular in the coming years. Annabelle was poorly received by critics, but it still managed to be a box office success. Annabelle: Creation was significantly better in quality, and made even more money at the box office. As such, the pressure is on for Annabelle Comes Home to deliver when it arrives this summer.

All will be revealed when Annabelle Comes Home arrives in theaters on June 28th, 2019. In the meantime, check out our 2019 release list to plan your next trip to the movies.

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