Zachary Levi Feels Like He Needs To Apologize For All The Shazam! Advertising

Zachary Levi as Shazam!

Zachary Levi is everywhere right now, and he's sorry. Kinda. The Shazam! star is clearly thrilled, but also humbled and a bit embarrassed at the massive marketing campaign for his DC movie. He is the face of the movie, and that face has been on billboards all over the place. Levi joked that it's a bit much, even to him:

It's a little abrasive, actually. I'm so unbelievably impressed by Warner Bros.' and New Line's promotional campaign. Like, I am everywhere, to the point where I feel like I have to apologize to people. Now I'm sorry. It was one thing when I was in a lot of places, and now it's like people can't go by a bus stop without being like, 'There's Zach, chewing bubblegum again.' So I apologize to anyone this is becoming ridiculous to.

No apology necessary. Shazam! seems to have a lot of supporters out there, and Zachary Levi's enthusiasm is infectious. He shared his advertising apology with ET on the red carpet of his movie's big Hollywood premiere.

Just last week, Zachary Levi pointed to himself in a gigantic ad in New York City. He seemed pretty happy about that, feeling like he finally made it.

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He shared more of his gratitude and humility on Instagram, sharing photos from the Shazam! premiere.

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As he wrote in part of that very candid post:

Truth is, I nearly gave up on the whole damn thing. Because of some bad programming I received as a kid, and despite the incredible jobs that I had been a part of, I still felt like a failure. That I had not, and would not, accomplish what I always thought I could or would or should. And then, perhaps in my darkest dark, I was able to save my own life thru the love and support and my friends and family, and the help of incredible professionals who took my hand and gently walked me back to understanding and loving myself, perhaps for the first time in my entire life. There is not a doubt in my mind that I was only standing on that red carpet last night BECAUSE I first learned to love myself while standing OFF of it.

Wow. Good for him. This has to be such an exciting time for Zachary Levi, and the whole cast and crew.

Shazam! officially opens next Friday, April 5, but it already screened for critics and some lucky fans at preview screenings. Those early screenings actually made more money than the previews for DC's Aquaman. Critics have raved about the movie, which currently has a 93% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

So far, the ride seems to be pretty smooth for Zachary Levi and Warner Bros./DC in the wake of Aquaman's $1 billion hit -- and also in the sandwich between Marvel's Captain Marvel and Avengers: Endgame. There doesn't seem to be much pressure on Shazam! to do anything more than it's already doing. However, the whole team would clearly love to come back and do this again in Shazam! 2, and that's going to take a strong box office showing. We'll see. Here's what else is headed to theaters as busy 2019 continues.

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