John Travolta Is Bloody And Unrecognizable Filming New Movie

We know John Travolta as a dance move icon for Saturday Night Fever, Grease, and Hairspray, but he's also quite the character actor -- known memorably for Face/Off, Pulp Fiction, American Crime Story, and Gotti. Next up, the actor has another big-screen transformation on the way for suspense-thriller Moose… and it’s quite the sight for a bloody eye. Take a look:

A photo posted by on

Whoa! What’s happening here? The Instagram post features John Travolta in character for Moose, as the titular character with chopped gray hair and some gory makeup that indicates his eye will certainly take a beating sometime during the film. To cut the tension of Travolta’s look is Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst peeking out from behind the actor.

Fred Durst is the director and co-writer of Moose, and while the musician-turned-filmmaker hasn’t had much luck providing crowd-pleasing movies to audiences in the past, his upcoming project with John Travolta certainly has an interesting premise. Check it out, according to another post on the Moose Instagram:

On the grimey streets of Hollywood, a hyper, celebrity-obsessed man-child feels slighted by his favorite movie star at an autograph convention and embarks on an unhinged quest to get a response from the actor – leading to a home invasion and a VERY long night that changes both men irreparably. John Travolta (Moose), Devon Sawa (Hunter), and Ana Golja (Leah) team up in this violent, pitch black satire of our culture’s obsession with fame, and the social contract between celebrities and their fans in the social media age.

This is kind of exciting, right? John Travolta will be playing a fanatic fan to Devon Sawa’s Hunter Dunbar; Travolta's Moose reverts to some intense stalking of the action hero following some ill feelings after an encounter with him. It looks like things are going to get real bloody, based on this image, and judging by the description of this movie, it could be a crazy ride to go on.

Moose is apparently based on an actual incident from the Limp Bizkit singer's past. Fred Durst has previously directed music videos for his band, commercials, and two films: 2007’s The Education of Charlie Banks with Jesse Eisenberg and 2008’s The Longshots with Ice Cube. Previously, Durst had a cameo in Travolta’s 2005 film Be Cool, but this is a much more involved collaboration.

On Friday, TMZ spoke with John Travolta on Moose, and the actor had some great things to say about the time on the project. In his words:

Maybe my favorite experience I’ve had. He’s so generous and he’s such an artist. And he allowed me to create a character that no one else would allow. It’s really a wild character and I felt very free to do that.

Wow! Does Moose trump his time with Quentin Tarantino? As John Travolta commented, he loved having the space to craft a crazy character with the director and looks to really dig the unique vision he has for the project. Maybe this dark comedy/thriller hybrid will join Travolta’s many iconic roles and potentially signal a long-awaited comeback for the actor?

No word on the exact release date yet, but Bloody Disgusting did just report that Moose -- or The Fanatic, as it may ultimately be called -- was acquired by Amazon and may be released this summer. Stay tuned and check out our 2019 release calendar for your next trip to the movies.

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