Why John Travolta Is Going For The Bald Look Now

John Travolta in Gotti

John Travolta's dark head of hair has been famous since the 1970s, from Welcome Back, Kotter to Saturday Night Fever. But Travolta recently decided to shave his head. He didn't do it for a new role but for a new life look. (Still, now that he's bald, I'm thinking he's ready to play Bruce Willis' twin in something.) Travolta was asked if it was true that his friend Pitbull inspired the bald look, and here's how he answered:

Well, [Pitbull was] one of my inspirations, for sure. I mean, I did this, I had this look for a movie called From Paris With Love years ago. But you know, I never thought of wearing it as, like, a full-time look, and then my family said, 'Why don't you shave it for the new year?' and then I dared to put post it on my Instagram. It went crazy, went viral -- which was much more than I ever expected and it made headlines. So I felt like Zoolander or something, you know, and I'm going for it.

Zoolander? This appears to be the New Year's post that got a lot attention, and maybe it's showing his Blue Steel look:

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That photo did seem to get fans talking at the time, with many appreciating his new look. (I'm not the only one who saw Bruce Willis; some fans suggested John Travolta join his Pulp Fiction co-star in the new Die Hard movie).

According to John Travolta's interview with ET, Pitbull only had a relatively small influence on the new look. However, on December 14, John Travolta introduced his friend Armando Christian Perez, aka Pitbull, at his handprint and footprint ceremony at the TCL Chinese Theatre. In that photo, Travolta definitely has a full head of hair.

Just a few days ago, John Travolta showed off his bald look again in an Instagram photo with Mariah Carey:

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John Travolta may be embracing the bald look now, but he'll probably rock more interesting wigs for future roles. He's had some crazy hairstyles in the past, particularly in Battlefield Earth, but also Pulp Fiction, his recent film Gotti (photo at top), and the one he just mentioned, From Paris With Love, which showed him bald with a goatee. Here's that look from the 2010 film:

John Travolta in From Paris With Love

John Travolta isn't doing the same goatee thing at this point, but he does appear to be growing out a grey-ish beard. He's 64, and this is probably one of his better looks, so good for him.

John Travolta gave his bald interview while attending the Super Bowl with his son. What's he been doing on the film front? He's had a rocky time lately -- especially last year with Gotti. In 2019, he seems to have a few films in post-production, including Trading Paint, The Poison Rose, and Moose. Check out what we know is headed to theaters this year in our 2019 movie release schedule.

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