6 Marvel Superhero Teams That Need A Movie

Marvel Studios is on the cusp of kicking off Phase 4, and with a couple key films that will no doubt pave the way for new heroes to emerge in the next decade, now is as good a time as any to give a shout out to some of the Marvel superhero teams that haven't gotten a movie yet. Let's take a look at some of these groups that haven't starred in their own feature, but definitely should in the future.

Ultimates Marvel

Ultimates (2015 Lineup)

The Ultimates were originally the Avengers of the Ultimate universe, but they were retooled as just a super group when the two universes merged in Marvel Comics. The lineup consists of heroes MCU fans are well familiar with like Captain Marvel and Black Panther, and also has a few fresh faces such as Spectrum (who filmgoers are actually also familiar with), Blue Marvel and Miss America.

Who better to introduce a slew of new characters than two of the MCU's most commercially successful new heroes? The box office potential of a Captain Marvel/Black Panther film alone should have Marvel Studios salivating. Perhaps this could also serve as the new framework for the Avengers lineup, which will surely change as the years go on. The Ultimates were originally the Avengers of the Ultimate universe, so perhaps it's fitting they be the inspiration for the new lineup?

Nick Fury's Howling Commandos Marvel

Nick Fury's Howling Commandos

Marvel has tackled a fair amount of genres in the MCU thus far, but there hasn't been much or really any attempt to tap into the world of monster movies. That could change with Nick Fury's Howling Commandos, an elite squadron of S.H.I.E.L.D. composed of paranormal, but highly skilled agents. This includes characters like a clone of Frankenstein's monster "Frank", The Living Mummy and a character who is literally named Zombie.

Granted, this series is one of those comic book runs that ended before it really even got off the ground. Marvel probably isn't too keen to adapt characters that couldn't last over six issues to the big screen, but I'll argue this is a hilarious premise that adds an extra element of fun to S.H.I.E.L.D. that the MCU should explore. Have these guys locked away in some basement, have a hero stumble upon them and let's see what happens.

Young Avengers Marvel

Young Avengers

With Marvel's status quo set to change, now might be as good a time as any to establish a younger variant of the Avengers that fans have been waiting to see. I'm talking about some ensemble lineup of the Young Avengers, ideally led by Kate Bishop or Cassie Lang. With rumors of an older Cassie soon making a debut in the MCU and Kate confirmed to be in an upcoming Hawkeye series that's headed to Disney+, why not?

The most exciting project about a Young Avengers movie is that it gives audiences the chance to be wowed again. It provides an opportunity to recapture the same magic of The Avengers, but also gives long-time Marvel fans characters they've waited to see while also giving a mainstream audiences fresh faces to love. The MCU's Phase 4 doesn't have to revolve around this hero team, but it feels like the next decade should feature them in some way.

Spider-Man And Deadpool Marvel Comics

Spider-Man And Deadpool

It's the hero team up that fans have loved in Marvel comics for years, and one the average MCU fan would almost certainly love to see. Tom Holland and Ryan Reynolds together in a movie? The YouTube marketing alone on that would pull in truckloads of cash, provided Holland doesn't spoil the plot details that Reynolds may or may not have already leaked to the web to get the project made.

In all seriousness, imagine Tom Holland's goofy Peter Parker taken aback and floored by Ryan Reynolds' excessively violent and hilarious Deadpool. If things with the X-Force fall flat, this is where the MCU should send Wade next. The collaboration probably wouldn't be an R-rated adventure, although Marvel should totally roll the dice and see if they can't make Spider-Man cross that barrier given Sony already made it work with Venom. Let's get this movie made!

The Annihilators Marvel Comics


If ever there was a team Disney could max out its CGI budget with, this is it. The Annihilators is comprised of some of the world's strongest warriors, with an emphasis on each member hailing from a different part of the galaxy. In the comics, the lineup consisted of The Human Quasar, Beta Ray Bill, Silver Surfer, Gladiator and Ronan The Accuser. Together they protected the universe from cosmic threats before the problems escalated too much.

Now Ronan's death in Guardians of the Galaxy may prevent this superhero team from ever coming to fruition, not to mention all the heroes that would have to be established well before this team up happened. Perhaps this is a team for Marvel Studios to consider 20 years down the road, because it doesn't feel like we're gonna get Beta Ray Bill or Silver Surfer in the MCU anytime soon. That said, if these characters all appear sooner than later, we wouldn't be mad.

X-Men Marvel Comics

X-Men ('92 Lineup)

The original X-Men was about the closest lineup the movies have gotten to the coveted 1992 lineup of X-Men that were made iconic through the animated series. Since then, fans have begged for an adaptation of that team for the big screen, but the franchise has been giving audiences everything but that. Now that Marvel has the rights again, could this finally be the time that plans are set in motion to make this team a reality?

If so, there has to be full commitment for it to count. We're talking the full roster, the costumes and even Professor X's incredibly bulky, metal hover-chair. We also need Gambit, which may be a tough sell for many Hollywood producers who are well-aware of the woes that productions have had trying to get that character in a movie. This pick feels like a pipe dream, although it shouldn't be given the love of this team.

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