The Russo Brothers Are Developing A Stan Lee Documentary

Stan Lee in Civil War

This weekend’s Avengers: Endgame marks the end of the MCU’s 11-year journey and the story of The Infinity Saga. It also sadly marks the end of the late Stan Lee’s iconic comic book movie cameos, as he makes his final bow in the Russo Brothers’ film. Although his cameos have come to an end, Stan Lee’s memory will live on. And it seems that the Russo Brothers will do more than they already have to make sure of it.

Speaking about Stan Lee, Anthony Russo revealed that he and his brother are developing a documentary about the comic book legend. Anthony said:

We love Stan Lee and I think it's incredibly special that Endgame will be his final cameo. We are fascinated by the life of Stan Lee and we are actually developing a little something that has to do with his work in the history of Marvel. But we are not ready to present it or talk about it yet. It's more of a documentary.

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Although we obviously all wish Stan were still alive and healthy to make cameos for decades to come, the Russo Brothers seem honored that Stan Lee’s final cameo came in their culmination film. The Russo Brothers clearly had a lot of love for Stan Lee and his creations and that fascination has led them to begin developing a documentary of some sort about him.

In his comments to IANS, Anthony Russo indicated that he wasn’t ready to reveal too much about the project just yet, so we don’t really know when, where or what format it will eventually arrive in. But it seems that it will be either a full on documentary or something with documentary elements that looks at Stan Lee’s Marvel career. And that alone is enough to be excited for.

This won’t be the first Stan Lee documentary out there because in 2010 there was the excellently titled documentary With Great Power: The Stan Lee Story. That doc is currently available to watch on Amazon Prime Video streaming.

Now that his long and immeasurably influential life has come to an end, it is fitting that we take a look back and celebrate that life and a documentary is a great way to do that. It is also fitting that the two directors who have given so much to the MCU and its fans are developing a documentary about the man who gave so much to them, and without whom the MCU wouldn’t even be possible.

This isn’t the only tribute of sorts to Stan Lee in the works. Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige recently revealed that the studio is putting together a compilation video of all of Stan Lee’s cameos as well as the behind-the-scenes footage and B-roll from the filming of those cameos. I anticipate that will be a lovely tearjerker.

You can catch Stan Lee’s final MCU cameo in Avengers: Endgame, which arrives in theaters this weekend. We’ll keep you updated about the Russo Brothers’ Stan Lee documentary and check out our 2019 Release Schedule to see all the big movies headed your way this summer.

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