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Sylvester Stallone Shares Action Footage From The Set Of Rambo V: Last Blood

As the final installment of the Rambo series, Rambo V: Last Blood is looking to close out the series strongly. Sylvester Stallone has promised quite a bit when it comes to how John Rambo’s story will finish, and on top of those promises is a bit of behind-the-scenes footage showing Stallone do what he does best. As you’ll see in the video below, that’s being a bad-ass:

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Included in this bad-ass starter kit of footage for John Rambo’s swan song is the sharpening of such implement of doom as a knife and a pitchfork, both in Rambo’s rustic workshop he operates on the family farm. Also shown in Rambo V: Last Blood’s teaser reel are some gunfire, Rambo setting up for some action with a bow and arrow and some random shots of setting up moments ready to be captured on film.

Just in case you thought Rambo V: Last Blood was going to be a story of the human condition, trade negotiations and international relations, these clips of lights, camera and plenty of action are here to say that you’re not going to be disappointed by Rambo’s latest mission. Setting out to recover the missing daughter of a good friend, John Rambo is about to unleash this sort of hell on an unsuspecting drug lord. As you’ve seen, the tools he’s got ready to do the job are varied, and he knows how to care for them.

This is only the continuation of the social media campaign that Sylvester Stallone has successfully waged to get folks talking about Rambo V: Last Blood. Courtesy of his favorite social media platform, Instagram, Stallone has not only promised that this new Rambo film will be an action packed ride, but it’ll contain a finale that no one could possibly expect.

Seeing as we’re so close to the aftermath of Avengers: Endgame’s own ending that no one could possibly expect, we’re beginning to wonder if John Rambo is going to be able to survive Rambo V: Last Blood’s big finish. Just as that cultural phenomenon drew to an end with some grand sacrifices, Rambo’s last frame could very well be the troubled Vietnam vet giving his life in the name of the mission.

If there’s a heroic death in the works for John Rambo, Rambo V: Last Blood looks like it’s going to make him earn it by taking down as many villains as possible. And with Sylvester Stallone in fighting shape to make this the fitting end to the Rambo story, it feels like they hype is not only real, but easily sustainable between now and opening night.

Rambo V: Last Blood brings revenge to those who deserve it on September 20. That said, if you’re looking to see what else is coming to theaters in the more recent future, you can check out our 2019 release schedule for further information.

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