That James Wan Produced Mortal Kombat Movie Is Really Happening

Mortal Kombat Scorpion throwing an attack with his chains

Not too long ago, a new Mortal Kombat reboot was announced that would bring the franchise into theaters once again. As New Line Cinema is still the force of studio nature that will be making the film, and James Wan is producing the film with his steady hands of action and horror, fans have undoubtedly been excited for things to get going on the film’s production.

But even with the initial whisperings surrounding the project, the consensus was it wasn’t going to happen for a while. Well, the wait is closer to being over, as Mortal Kombat just rang the bell on pre-production, putting the film in the process of making its move for big screen glory.

The project’s status update came from an announcement made by several South Australian government officials, including premier Steven Marshall. Mortal Kombat is a huge prospect for the region’s film industry, and one that producer James Wan is happy to see being brought to life in the country where he made his last huge hit, Aquaman.

What’s even more interesting about this new Mortal Kombat movie is its choice in directing talent. Making his feature film debut, and still signed on after almost two years of development hell, is Australian director Simon McQuoid, who up until now has been known for his commercial work. However, looking at his resume in that field, one can see how and why he got the gig.

Having directed commercials for such franchises as Halo and Call of Duty, as well as ads for Playstation and Duracell, McQuoid has shown a slick visual flare that just happens to pair well with geek friendly properties. Especially when that Duracell ad just happened to be one that saw Star Wars, and the power of imagination, in the middle of the action.

With Simon McQuoid’s resume boasting such material, it cannot be stated enough that Mortal Kombat is a good fit for the man’s talents. What's also interesting is that thanks to the details that Variety has reported on the project, it sounds like the film will be the largest to ever shoot in South Australia when it finally kicks into high gear.

Unfortunately, the good news of Mortal Kombat’s pre-production start within the month comes with some uncertainty about what the film’s story will cover. Previously, there were two different concepts being talked about: one in which a brand new character would be created for the story to follow, and one in which we’d see the return of Christopher Lambert’s Raiden, as well as some dimensional portal hopping. Seeing as the former draft has been searching for a 14-year-old to play the thunder god of the Mortal Kombat realm, it doesn’t seem likely these two concepts will be folded together.

Still, in a world where Pokemon has drawn successfully from the nostalgia well, Mortal Kombat seems primed to deliver a very similar result. And if the world building holds up as well as Pokemon: Detective Pikachu's did, there's no telling where the world of this gruesome action spectacle might go with the public.

While Mortal Kombat may not have a release date to speak of, that doesn’t mean the theaters are empty. Head over to our 2019 release schedule, and see what’s waiting for your hard earned movie money today!

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