The Avengers Vs The Justice League: Which Is The Better Superhero Team?

Captain America versus Batman 2019

In Avengers: Endgame, the Avengers proved they could best the most powerful villain in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but could those characters take out their counterparts from The Justice League movie? At the box office, it’s not been much of a fight, Marvel and the MCU have been crushing DC and the DCEU.

Sure, Marvel got a head start on the competition when it kicked off Phase One of the MCU with Iron Man in 2008, but DC had previously been sucking wind trying to catch up, although it is finally starting to make great strides. While the MCU has had an outline and a playbook that that has been laid out and followed to a T, at times, it seems like the DCEU has been in total chaos and flying by the seat of the tights.

Still, none of this has anything to do with how powerful the characters are, and there's nothing we love more at CinemaBlend than superhero hypotheticals. So, could The Avengers beat The Justice League in a fight between superheroes? Marvel’s Avengers may do better at the box office, but DC’s Justice League would give them one heck of a fight in the ring. Who would come out on top? We state the case below.

It should be noted, that just to keep this from spiraling out into infinity, we’re going to limit the argument to only six members of The Avengers and the six members of The Justice League introduced in the DCEU so far. On the Avengers side, it will be Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Black Panther, Captain Marvel and The Hulk. So, that means no Spider-Man, Dr. Strange, Ant-Man, or any of The Guardians Of The Galaxy. On the Justice League side, it’s Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, The Flash and Cyborg.

Captain Marvel versus Wonder Woman

The Avengers Versus The Justice League

The Avengers biggest strengths are their brains and technical skills. Tony Stark’s genius and engineer would have to be their biggest asset against any potential DCEU foes. Let’s face it, The Avengers are going to need Iron Man to come up with something big to help them stop The Justice League’s most powerful superhero, Superman. Superman is going to be the biggest problem for them and stopping him is almost impossible. Thor will also be critical here.

Superman is almost indestructible. The only chance The Avengers would have against The Justice League would be to somehow sideline him maybe using the power of Thor. Thor’s Mjolnir or Stormbreaker are the most powerful weapons in any universe and he’s going to need all of it. The Incredible Hulk’s incredible strength would also be important in isolating the biggest threats from The Justice League.

While this is going on, Batman and Captain America would probably face off in one of the most epic battles that superhero fans could ever wish for. They are pretty evenly matched too. That leaves the wild card: Wonder Woman. Could the Justice League gain the advantage over The Avengers here with Wonder Woman?

Of course, there other concerns too. Would The Hulk decimate the competition outside of Superman or could The Flash and Aquaman someone contain him? As with Superman, The Hulk is probably not going to fall in a one-on-one battle. If The Flash and Aquaman were distracted by The Hulk, where does that leave Cyborg? With a powerful superhero like Captain Marvel teamed with Black Panther, could Cyborg come out on top? He may be the biggest weakness in the Justice League in this fight. He’d be better matched with Iron Man, with his hacker skills, but he may not get the opportunity in this battle.

Most likely what would happen is that the six leaders of each team with battle it out while the three “lesser” members would be left facing each other. This makes the larger battle slightly more even, because, again, Superman really puts the Avengers at a major disadvantage. What can you do to stop him?

Thor, Iron Man and Captain America as The Avengers

Iron Man, Thor, And Captain America Vs. Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman

The leaders of The Avenger and The Justice League would definitely need to face off with each other. This is the only way The Avengers would have a chance.

First, The Avengers would need to have made sure that Tony Stark had invented some kind of Kryptonite-shooting weapon to fire at Superman. With Superman weakened, a charge from Thor and healthy smack of his hammer would be the Avengers best chance to flip the script on The Justice League. Maybe Thor could somehow plant an unconscious Superman on the moon or something, giving The Avengers a chance.

This is all if the much-anticipated battle between Batman and Captain America keeps those two distracted. In all of The Avengers vs. Justice League possible match-ups, this is the one people should want to see most. They are pretty evenly matched and both are incredible in hand-to-hand combat. Whoever comes out on top in this fight could also swing the battle in one direction or the other as both are crucial to the success of their respective teams.

This leaves Wonder Woman. If Iron Man and Thor were distracted with Superman, it leaves an opening for Wonder Woman to take on one or both. She is pretty evenly matched with Thor, with both of them being gods and all. Plus – who wouldn’t want to see Gal Godot fighting with Chris Hemsworth -- that’s a dreamy match up. Frankly, she might be pretty evenly matched with Iron Man too, as he was when he fought Thor in The Avengers.

It’s probably best she go for Thor though, and leave Iron Man to Superman, because that is the mismatch of the century. All due respect to Iron Man, but if Tony Stark failed to get the kryptonite shot off effectively, Superman would waste him. This pairing gives the Justice League a big advantage. But what about the undercard, could that change things?

Cyborg, The Flash and Aquaman

Captain Marvel, Blank Panther And The Hulk Vs. Aquaman, The Flash And Cyborg

This is where things get even more interesting. Captain Marvel is a huge X-factor here. As powerful as she is, Aquaman, The Flash, and Cyborg would need to find a way to contain her. That may not even be possible, and if they do somehow manage to do it, how do they stop The Hulk?

Another issue is Aquaman. How does the Justice League maximize his strengths? Is there a way for him to face off with The Hulk and come out on top? That could tilt the battle significantly. He might be the only Justice League member that could handle The Hulk one on one (besides Superman of course).

The Flash is the weak point for the Justice League here, there just isn’t a good match up for him among these Avengers. Maybe he can go after Black Panther but the more natural matchup for Black Panther seems like Cyborg, given both of their technology expertise?

But then that would leave Captain Marvel versus the Flash and that feels like a huge mismatch in favor of Marvel’s Avengers. So DC’s The Justice League will need to counteract that somehow.

Captain America, Thor and Iron Man as The Avengers

How The Avengers Could Beat The Justice League

In a fight between The Avengers and The Justice League, there is one clear way The Avengers could come out on top.

First, Tony Stark would need that kryptonite particle shooter. With Iron Man taking a shot at Superman, stunning and weakening him, one mighty clobber from Thor’s hammer could send him spinning into space. Knocking Superman out of the fight (and far away from Earth’s sun) is the only chance they have to get the upper hand in the battle.

From there, it would still be up to Captain America to take out Batman, and in hand-to-hand combat, both heroes are pretty evenly matched, which makes Captain America’s shield the most important weapon here. If Captain America can hold off an onslaught of projectiles that Bruce Wayne would have certainly prepared with and get in close, he should be able to deflect some those back towards Batman and hopefully knock him out.

With Superman out of the fight, Thor and The Hulk would need to team up to take on the powerful Aquaman. The only way The Avengers would be able to overcome his speed and reflexes is with an all-out frontal assault by their two strongest members. If Thor and The Hulk could bat Aquaman around and back and forth for a few minutes, he just might be down for the count.

Meanwhile, that leaves Iron Man and Black Panther to hold off the The Flash and Cyborg for the time being. This will be a tough ask from the two. Black Panther would need every bit of strength and his ancestor’s knowledge to take down Cyborg, but if Iron Man can serve as bait, Cyborg could get distracted by trying to hack Jarvis and take out Tony Stark’s technology, then Black Panther would gain the advantage in hand to hand combat.

The Flash is a big part of this. How do The Avengers slow him down? Carol Danvers of course. If anyone is prepared for the incredible speed of The Flash, it’s the fighter pilot Captain Marvel. If she can catch him, she can take him out.

That leaves Wonder Woman. Hardly a slouch, right? With the others out of the battle, The Avengers would need all hands on deck to take out the mighty Wonder Woman. Thor’s Hammer is the only weapon that I really believe could do the trick here. He would need to get in a solid shot with his powerful hammer and leave her vulnerable to attack.

In the end The Avengers would be in rough shape, but they could stand victorious over their rivals. But what about an alternate universe, one where The Justice League prevails?

Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman as The Justice League

How The Justice League Could Beat The Avengers

So, how do The Justice League prevail in this epic battle against The Avengers? Well, they have Superman, and that alone gives them a major advantage. Cyborg is the key though.

Superman could take mighty blows from Hulk and Thor all day if Cyborg is able hack Jarvis, preventing Iron Man from releasing a hail of kryptonite particles on Superman. If Superman is at full strength, he could easily do a rope-a-dope against Thor and The Hulk until the other Avengers were taken out. But how does that happen?

With Jarvis hacked, Iron Man would be easy to take out. Wonder Woman would be free to take on Captain Marvel in a classic head-to-head matchup of the two most powerful women in the Universe. Wonder Woman’s best chance here would be to land some heavy blows and count in The Flash to harass Carol Danvers enough to allow for Wonder Woman’s blows to take effect. Wonder Woman’s god-level strength would overcome Captain Marvel and leave her jetting the other direction.

After Iron Man and Captain Marvel were sidelined, Batman would need to win his one on one with Captain America. To do this, he would need to be stealth, something he can excel at. Batman would need to devise a plan to get around Captain America’s shield and to do that, he’ll need to use his combat knowledge. Attacking Captain America from behind would be his best chance. Once he does, he would wrap Cap up and force him to watch from the sidelines.

Once Batman has done this, he and Cyborg would need to face Black Panther together. Only their combination of brains and brawn could match the Wakandan’s brains and brawn. They might be able to get some help from Wonder Woman at this point. It would be an epic hand-to-hand fight, but three on one is probably too much, even for Black Panther.

Now the attention of the entire Justice League could turn to the two most powerful Avengers, Thor and Hulk. Superman would be able to focus all his attention on Hulk, in what would be the most epic boxing match of all time, while Wonder Woman, The Flash, Cyborg, Aquaman and Cyborg would be able to focus on Thor. Cyborg would be a little out of his element, but in a battle of seriously powerful gods, Aquaman and Wonder Woman would be key to defeating Thor.

If Wonder Woman could deflect or even – gasp – catch Thor’s Hammer, Aquaman would have free reign to come down on the mighty Thor, meaning a God from the sea could sink the hero named for a Norse god.

With Thor out, it’s going to take all six members of Justice League to take out Hulk, unless Superman alone can demoralize him until he quits, which is probably what would happen.

Superman versus Thor 2019

Is This A Battle That Could Ever Really Happen?

Well, probably not. Sure, there have been some epic crossover issues between DC and Marvel over the years, including a big one in 2002, but those came at time when both companies were struggling financially, which is definitely no longer the case and, of course, there are real-world constraints to this too. Both imprints are owned by two different enormous media companies DC is owned AT&T through Warner Brothers and Marvel is owned by Disney.

If The Predator can fight The Alien, and Jason can battle Freddy, What are the chances those two rivals would come together allow this battle to happen, to determine the supremacy of one media world over another? About as good a chance as Ant-Man would have against a giant bottle of Raid, so for now, we’ll just have to live with speculation.

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