Yes, John Travolta Shaved His Head, Says Pitbull Had Him Do It

Gotti John Travolta scowling in a tuxedo

For someone who’s been known for a head of hair that could make the world swoon, actor John Travolta’s decision to go with a cleanly shaven head came as a bit of a surprise. Sure, he’d previously shaved for a film role, which helped soften the blow a bit, but when he decided to go full-time with the new do, it shocked quite a few folks.

In Travolta’s own words, the shaved head look all came down to one person convincing him that bald was the only way to go. And that person was Mr. 305 himself, Pitbull. The story came from John Travolta himself, who explained on Jimmy Kimmel Live!:

I did a movie called From Paris, With Love where I shaved it. So I got used to it, some people got used to it. It wasn’t a total shock. I became friends with Pitbull, and I loved how it [looked.] All us guys gotta stick together that do this.

In case you were wondering how John Travolta looks with his new bald statement to the world, you can see the evidence for yourself below.

Jimmy Kimmel Live John Travolta and Ella Bleu sitting on the show's couch

As you can see, not only does Travolta seem extremely comfortable with this look, but it’s not a bad look for him to have in general. Though it’s still hard not to think back to the various hairstyles that John Travolta has flaunted in his decades of acting in Hollywood movies and TV projects.

Who can forget his early career locks in projects like Welcome Back, Kotter, or even his look as Danny Zuko in the film adaptation of the hit musical Grease? Even with shorter, less flowing hair, like in the era of Look Who’s Talking or Face/Off, John Travolta has always had an impressive mane for fans of his to behold. But his new bald look draws an even sharper contrast to those classic looks that we've provided below for a contrast.

John Travolta Welcome Back Kotter and Grease hairstyles

So you can forgive those who may have been shocked once he first went bald in From Paris, With Love, back in 2010; but by now the world has had time to adjust. But then again, how can you not get behind this lifestyle change after learning that Pitbull was the one to inspire it?

If Pitbull, a man who is famous for making bald look good, thinks that John Travolta, a man who’s been known for his hair for his whole career, looks good bald; then that’s pretty much all of the approval a person could need in the eyes of the law. You can see Travolta, and his daughter Ella Bleu, talking about this recent adjustment in their appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, with special guest host Lena Waithe, in the video below:

If Pitbull can sway John Travolta into becoming bald, who’s next? For all we know, these two could be the beginning of a hairless super team that’ll take Hollywood by storm. We could be hyping this up for nothing, but if we see Richard Gere taking the bald route in the near future, then you know it’s serious.

John Travolta can be seen acting alongside Ella Bleu in The Poison Rose, which is currently in limited theatrical release; as well as in The Fanatic (previously known as Moose which is slated for release this September.

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