Frozen 2 Official Trailer Has Elsa Testing Her Powers

Elsa sees water horse in Frozen 2 trailer.

We’ve known the Frozen 2 trailer would be coming this week to melt our hearts and now it’s here. The new trailer for the upcoming Disney sequel finally reveals the adventure that Elsa will be going on. Before that, though, Elsa is definitely testing her powers and her abilities in the new trailer, which you can check out below.

We've seen a teaser for Frozen 2 already, which featured a little bit of the sequence of Elsa testing her abilities on moving water, but here the official trailer almost starts out as a full clip. Elsa takes on the ocean, determined, and seems to be handling it well until the ocean swallows her. After falling through the water on the stormy night, she's a little scared underwater by a water horse (which you can see below) before bursting above the water to catch her breath.

The trailer is mostly Elsa focused early on, but then Pabbie is there to sort of explain the nature of the plot to the audience and tell Elsa what her next adventure will be. Apparently, she'll be going north, and seemingly that's where Anna, Kristoff, and Olaf will be involved. Here's what Pabbie tells the magical Queen of Arendelle

Elsa, the past is not what it seems. You must find the truth. Go north, across the Enchanted Land and into the unknown. But be careful.

This talk of the past could absolutely tie into some of the theories that have come out recently that Elsa and Anna could be looking into what actually happened to their parents during the events occurring in Frozen back in 2013. The journey they go on will not be without challenges, however. In one scene we see a forest being ripped apart by pink fire. In another, Anna and Olaf seem to be taking a boat trip into the unknown. (Way to nod to the Epcot ride, animators.) In general, however, the journey seems like it will be a beautiful and wild ride.

Frozen 2 official still 2019

It's all pretty epic-looking, which squares with what we've already heard about Frozen 2. Previously, Idina Menzel said the movie will be a "badass kind of superhero type movie," so the expectations were pretty high for this trailer going in and I don't think it disappoints. I had fun. Did you have fun?

We'll be able to find out soon enough. Frozen 2 will officially hit theaters just in time for the Thanksgiving season on November 22. There have already been some fun theories floating around about the new movie and while we wait to see how the flick ultimately pans out, be sure to look into them.

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