What Frozen 2 Might Actually Be About

Elsa Anna Kristoff and Sven in Frozen 2 trailer

The first Frozen 2 trailer broke records and got fans scrambling for answers in a way they normally reserve for Avengers trailers. Why did the trailer start with Elsa battling a dark ocean wave? What's with the snowflake symbols? Where were Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, Olaf, and Sven going? Well, questions still remain, but two Disney podcasters just shared what details they had on the film's plot:

If you don't want to know what Frozen 2 is about, skip ahead. But, if you're there -- if we're all consenting adults listening to the plot of Frozen 2 -- it is about Anna and Elsa searching for what actually happened to their parents.

Aha! I thought that might be part of it. That plot detail has yet to be confirmed by Disney or the filmmakers, but ... it always felt like they had unfinished business with Elsa and Anna's parents. They were said to have died in a shipwreck due to a storm at sea, but we never got details in Frozen.

Elsa and Anna's parents in Frozen

But what does that have to do with the snowflake symbols?

Fine Tooning Disney insiders Drew Taylor and Jim Hill expanded on the "assist from Josh Gad" on Twitter, when the Olaf voice actor had said the snowflake poster revealed some "surprises":

If you look at the snowflake, I guess there are four symbols that each correspond with the Gregorian calendar seasons. And the assumption is now -- and this could be why there's so much marketing with the fall leaves -- that Elsa can control all of the seasons, that it's not just winter and snow, that she has kind of dominion over everything, which I think is a very cool idea.

There was already speculation that the symbols might represent the seasons. It sounds like they are talking about the "assumption" that Elsa can control all the seasons, rather than revealing that as another scoop. I was thinking they might meet other people in different lands who had different powers. Interesting. We'll see.

My own pet theory was that the two new characters we saw in an autumn-like scene were Elsa and Anna's parents in a flashback. I was wondering if their mom had autumn-like powers -- like wind or whatnot. That may not be true on any level. But we do know our familiar Frozen characters are going beyond Arendelle in their search for answers. And that first trailer scene of Elsa fighting waves must be connected to the secrets of the shipwreck.

CinemaBlend's own Dirk Libbey had theorized that Elsa's own powers would be at the center of Frozen 2, with that opening scene maybe showing Elsa testing her powers, trying to accomplish some specific task with her abilities. It would make sense for that task to be related to finding out the truth about her parents.

Frozen 2 will probably give us more clues to this story in later trailers and cast interviews. There's still a long wait ahead, since the movie opens in theaters November 22, 2019. Here's what else is playing in theaters during this busy and exciting year.

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