Watch Keanu Reeves Reject A Speed Joke In Netflix's Always Be My Maybe Bloopers

Ali Wong and Keanu Reeves in Always Be My Maybe
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Ali Wong and Randall Park’s Netflix rom-com Always Be My Maybe has made waves for its hilarious moments, adorable one-that-got-away story, and Keanu Reeves’ standout performance, of course. The movie featured the actor playing a caricature of himself who starts air fights when he gets fired up and can name off Chinese dignitaries.

Following the film’s popularity, Netflix has shared a blooper reel for the rom-com. Check it out:

In between funny breaks from the actors, once again, Keanu Reeves steals the show! What was that Speed joke? Midway through the reel, the actor starts explaining a time when he was under the bus and he got something in his eye before cutting off the joke and saying “I’m not doing this!” as the cast laughs it off.

I’d say let’s wait for the deleted scenes for the full joke… but it’s a Netflix movie. Whatever it was, it was probably something making fun of the movie or this heightened version of himself he played in the comedy. It’s fun to see the actor go off script for a second while in that character, showing he was having some fun with it. It was probably tough to keep it together thanks to how hilarious the material was.

Ali Wong previously revealed that when she approached Keanu Reeves for her rom-com, he immediately was interested since he was a fan of her comedy special Baby Cobra. He came to set with a ton of joke ideas himself and he would improv lines with them as well. Looks like they found a lot of ways to implement his past films in the bit, but this Speed line didn’t make the cut.

Keanu Reeves does have a bit of a soft spot for Speed since it was his breakout action flick, and turning down the sequel put him in “movie jail” with Fox for a decade. In Always Be My Maybe’s end credits song, “I Punched Keanu Reeves,” Randall Park does say: "Best believe I punched Keanu Reeves, and it was better than any scene you could see in Speed."

The actor also surprised Ali Wong with how much commitment he gave to the role, sharing this in a recent interview with IndieWire:

I was shocked because I remember he said, ‘On page 80, this happens,’... He didn’t have the script in front of him. I said, ‘How on earth do you know — have you memorized what happens on page 80?’ I’ve gone through many drafts of the script and I don’t even remember what happened on page 80.

This is the kind of charm that has over 60,000 people signing a petition for Keanu Reeves to be Time’s Person of the Year. The internet has been collectively obsessing over the actor since he’s gained recent buzz over his roles in the John Wick franchise and Toy Story 4. Marvel Chief Kevin Feige even recently admitted he’s trying to find a place for him in the MCU as well.

You can check out Always Be My Maybe, streaming on Netflix now and check out these exciting July releases coming soon!

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