Samuel L. Jackson Is Not Pleased Spider-Man: Far From Home Marketing Got His Eye Patch Wrong

Nick Fury ahead of Spider-man: Far From Home in the MCU

Given the Marvel Cinematic Universe is huge on continuity, there’s a lot of checking and re-checking that goes into making a big film and making sure it ties in correctly with all of the other movies in the MCU. That said, no company is immune to mistarks (I meant to type mistakes), and Samuel L. Jackson recently called out the Spider-Man: Far From Home for an oopsy-daisy on a recent poster.

When you make a mistake related to Samuel L. Jackson, you better bet the f-bombs are gonna fly. Take a look.

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You know if Samuel L. Jackson notices a poster mistake it’s a real booboo. Although honestly, if someone is going to notice a mistake like Nick Fury’s eye patch being stuck on the wrong eye, it would be Jackson, who has to wear the damn thing most of the time when he’s on set. (Captain Marvel being the exception.) I can't even begin to think how much time he's spent thinking about whether or not the patch is on the right eye.

The gist seems to be that one poster for Spider-Man: Far From Home was made correctly and one poster has a major gaffe, putting the eye patch on Nick Fury’s right eye and not his left eye. Anyone who saw Captain Marvel just a few short months ago knows that Nick Fury was injured in an exchange with Goose the flerken. Thus, the eye patch in the future version of Nick Fury was explained.

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Granted, I could be a total dick here and go on and on about how Spider-Man: Far From Home is technically a Sony production and not a Marvel one, so it's not exactly the same thing. But I won’t harp on that note. Anyone on the marketing materials team for any studio could have made a gaffe like that.

In fact, HBO’s cinematic quality TV series Game of Thrones spent much of its last few weeks dealing with a coffee cup debacle that made it look like Daenerys Targaryen was a java fiend.

The MCU has dealt with its own continuity issues and questions. In relation to Spidey’s solo movies, the timeline in Spider-Man: Homecoming ultimately had to be addressed by Marvel head Kevin Feige after it left people scratching their heads.

Basically, none of this is new, but I love Samuel L. Jackson’s hilariously outspoken response to noticing the mistake. He's so Fury-ous.

So, why is Nick Fury in Spider-Man: Far From Home anyway? We actually knew he’d be Peter Parker’s mentor this time around even before Avengers: Endgame officially hit theaters, and given Tony Stark’s fate in the movie, the reason for the change seems obvious. Director Jon Watts has even said he hopes Nick Fury will be the opposite of Tony Stark.

Luckily, trailers have indicated that Happy Hogan will also still be around. Plus, presumably in the movie, we won’t need to worry about this eye patch mistake. So, really, there are only good things to look forward to.

While we wait for Spider-Man: Far From Home’s big release on July 2, take a look at what we know about the upcoming flick. And see what we’ve learned about Marvel’s upcoming Phase Four.

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