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Vin Diesel Introduces Fast And Furious 9's 'Baby Brian' Actor In Adorable Video

Mia and Dom In Fast 5

It’s been a few days since we learned that Fast and Furious 9 had kicked off production. At the time, fans got a wonderful video from Vin Diesel and actress Michelle Rodriguez to get things started. Now, Vin Diesel doesn’t seem to be slowing down with the fun Fast and Furious franchise news.

In fact, the actor took some time this past week to sit down with returning actress Jordana Brewster and introduce fans to the newest ‘Baby Brian’ actor. Take a look.

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The video was filmed during Day 4 of production on Fast and Furious 9. The film is currently shooting in London, but from the sounds of things, other locations will definitely be involved as well. Along with the filming location news, we also get this introduction to Baby Brian and reintroducing Jordana Brewster, who plays Mia in the long-running franchise.

When last we saw Mia she was separated from the rest of the Fast gang when she and her partner Brian O’Conner left at the end of Furious 7. The move to send the characters off was made after Paul Walker was tragically killed in an automobile accident at the age of 40.

About a year ago, it was Vin Diesel who revealed that Mia would be back for the ninth installment, and now she’s already on set!

She and Baby Brian aren't the only new or returning faces headed to the franchise. Probably the biggest casting so far has been John Cena, who has also shown up on set already and shared his own message with fans.

When last we saw Baby Brian, he was an actual baby. Introduced in The Fate of the Furious, Baby Brian is the son of Elena Neves and Dominic Toretto. The movie came out in 2017, and with Fast and Furious 9 not on the schedule until 2020, it makes sense that Baby Brian would have aged a bit between movies.

We’ll have to wait and see how the family comes back together in Fast and Furious 9, but the good news is that production is off of the ground at this point and we’ll likely find out what happened in the lives of Mia and Brian after the events in Furious 7.

It’s always a little emotional when any plotline in the Fast franchise relates to Paul Walker’s popular character. Although Mia is a likable character in her own right, she’s clearly always going to be tied to Brian in some ways, and I can’t wait to hear how her presence is explained.

We’ll be able to learn more when we start getting trailers for the upcoming sequel. However, we won’t get to see Fast & Furious 9 until the movie hits theaters on May 22, 2020, presumably with a new title. You can see what’s coming in the meantime with our full schedule.

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