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Margot Robbie Has Never Seen A Star Wars Movie

Harrison Ford and Daisy Ridley in Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Star Wars is a cultural institution. While it's only been around for 40 years. you'd be hard pressed to find somebody who isn't quite familiar with the movies, even if they aren't hardcore fans of the galaxy, far, far away. Even if you haven't seen the "old" movies, any modern movie goer would likely see the new ones just as a matter of course.

And yet, somehow, Margot Robbie has never seen a Star Wars movie. Not one of them. Not only that, she's now making something of an effort to avoid seeing Star Wars movies just because the fact that she never has tends to drive people crazy. As Robbie says...

I've never seen any Star Wars. And I kind of don't watch it now just because it infuriates people so much, like, 'How? How have you never watched any Star Wars?' And I just kinda wanna see how long I can make it now.

I kinda want to see how long she can go too. It's actually somewhat impressive to make it to 29 years of age and not see any Star Wars movies. She would have been nine years old when Star Wars: The Phantom Menace came out in theaters and that seems like exactly the perfect age for a movie like that. And yet, apparently it just wasn't a priority.

If you're a Star Wars fan and have ever met somebody who has never seen the films, you probably know what Margot Robbie means when she says it infuriates people. You were probably utterly taken aback to discover that such a person exists. It's just sort of shocking that people have avoided something that is such a part of our culture. You want to move them over to a DVD player and sit them down immediately. Full disclosure, I basically did that with a friend in college right before the prequels started coming out, she had never seen the original trilogy before.

Margot Robbie made the confession to MTV as part of an interview along side her Once Upon A Time...In Hollywood co-stars. It turns out, neither Brad Pitt nor Margot Robbie have ever seen Gone With the Wind. Both Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio share the dubious distinction of having never seen The Sound of Music.

No matter how big a movie fan you are, there are always those popular or classic films that you have just never gotten around to seeing. Either they fall in a genre that just doesn't appeal to you or you've just never found yourself with the time. Not seeing any one popular film is one thing. It does take a certain effort to avoid a franchise that is now 10 movies deep.

We'll have to wait and see how long Margot Robbie can go without seeing Star Wars. Maybe she'll be cast in one down the road, then she'll have to watch it unless she wants to totally no-show the premiere.

Dirk Libbey

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