Holy Moly, Universal Studios Is Getting A Brand New Park

Universal Orlando artistic rendering of the park's main gates

For the past couple of days, Universal Studios Orlando has been teasing something quite “epic” on the horizon. With a huge plot of land in their possession, and mystery at an all-time high, today was announced as the day that their plans for the future would be revealed.

And that grand plan is now out in the open, as Universal’s Epic Universe has been announced as the new gate to the Disney competing resort; and you can get a look at the park’s logo courtesy of the official announcement by Universal Orlando themselves:

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Universal’s Epic Universe has been rumored for some time, with that name winning out over the previously rumored Universal’s Fantastic Worlds. But there was always a new park rumored to be in the offing, as well as a bunch of wonderful attractions that would make it a destination worth the wait.

Already rumored to be part of Universal’s Epic Universe are unique lands that are themed after popular properties, such as the long awaited Super Nintendo Land, as well as a section themed solely after the world of Universal’s Monsters. While no confirmations were given during this morning’s announcements, it’s hard to think that either of those lands wouldn’t be part of this ambitious new addition to the Universal Orlando adventure park.

Much to the consternation of theme park fans who’ve been waiting for Universal’s Epic Universe to be announced, no details were given as to what would occupy the park. All that’s known at this time is more restaurant, shop, and hotel accommodations will join whatever mysterious wonders are being hidden at the moment. So if you were hoping to hear that Star Trek would be making its big Universal Orlando debut any time soon, you’ll have to wait for a little longer to find out if you should book your tickets or sob in disappointment.

Though if you look closely at the official concept art for the park, which is now online thanks to Universal Orlando’s quick brief on Universal’s Epic Adventure, you can see what some have seemed to take as unofficial confirmations of those rumored attractions. In particular, some think that the section of the park in the center-left portion of this concept art is, in fact, Super Nintendo World’s piece of the action.

In that similar vein, the top left most themed world in this very same piece of concept art looks like it could belong to that rumored Universal Monsters section. With a very old world castle/village look to it, there’s not much of a stretch required to imagine Count Dracula, Frankenstein’s monster, and The Wolf Man skulking around the dimly lit corners of this rustic looking abode.

Also, if you look towards the bottom right part of the map to Universal’s Epic Universe, you see a pretty cool looking roller coaster that’s just waiting for a name and a theme that fits with the Universal Studios brand. Here’s hoping whatever that ride may be, it learns from the lessons that have been presenting themselves during the recent opening of Hagrid’s Motorbike Adventure over at Universal’s Islands of Adventure.

There’s still a lot of mystery surrounding Universal’s Epic Universe, but you can be sure that as soon as new developments break, CinemaBlend will be there to report on what’s new in the world of Universal Studios Orlando’s latest bid for theme park supremacy.

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