Coming To America 2 Has Cast Wesley Snipes For An Intriguing Role

Wesley Snipes in The Player

If any vaguely popular movie from 30 odd years ago isn't looking to get remade with a new cast, then you can be sure the original stars are looking to make a sequel That's the case with Coming to America, which now, almost exactly 30 years later, has a new sequel in development. Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall will be back to reprise their roles, and now it turns out Wesley Snipes will be joining them as a new character.

The film, which is apparently called, Coming 2 America, because of course it is, will follow Murphy's Prince Akeem from the first film as he once again leaves his fictitious African nation of Zamunda for America, this time on a search for a son he did not know he had. Wesley Snipes, according to THR, will play the role of General Izzi, who is the ruler of neighboring African nation.

Nothing beyond the name of the character has been revealed. Generals of African nations are rarely heroes in movies, so one gets the impression Snipes may be a bad guy here. Perhaps he's looking to to expand his territory while Murphy's character is away from home and cannot defend his country.

It's also not clear just how large the role actually is. While it's likely something more than a cameo, we don't really know if this is a substantial supporting role or something smaller.

It's somewhat surprising that we haven't seen Eddie Murphy and Wesley Snipes in more movies together over the years. Having said that, Coming 2 America will actually be their second collaboration by the time it comes out. The two are co-starring in Dolemite is my Name, a biopic of Rudy Ray Moore coming out this year. The movie was directed by Craig Brewer, who will also be directing Coming 2 America.

Wesley Snipes is still best known for starring in the original Blade trilogy in the 1990s. While the actor staged something of a grass roots effort to return to the franchise in recent years, fans were shocked to learn that Blade would be joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but with Oscar winner Mahershala Ali in the title role.

While a sequel to Coming to America wasn't the sort of thing a lot of people were asking for, that doesn't mean it's a bad thing. The original is one of Eddie Murphy's best remembered comedies, and the fact that it hadn't been driven into the ground with previously unnecessary sequels, like say, the Beverly Hills Cop franchise, at least makes this one feel a bit fresher.

Coming to America is looking to begin filming this fall, the movie already has a release date set, so get ready to spend next Christmas in Zamunda when the film arrives December 18, 2020.

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