IT Chapter Two Star Is 'Scared To Death' To Watch The Movie

Creepy old lady from IT Chapter Two Trailer

While there is no shortage of film adaptations of Stephen King novels, many of them are of the "not good" variety. However, one recent film that succeeded in being everything fans hoped for was IT. The movie was a massive box office hit, in no small part because it successfully brought the bone chilling feeling of the great Stephen King book to the big screen. Now, it appears that the sequel, IT Chapter Two is so scary that at least one actor is a little afraid to watch it.

The first teaser trailer for IT Chapter Two largely focused on the adult Beverly, being played by Jessica Chastain, returning to her former home and meeting the sweet old lady who now lives there. Of course, that sweet old lady turns out to be nothing of the sort, and is actually a horrible terrifying monster that's going to make your skin crawl right off your bones.

That old lady is played by Joan Gregson and the actress recently admitted to Empire that, while she absolutely loved making the film, she's more than a little afraid to see the finished product. According to Gregson...

It’s my first horror, and I had a wonderful time. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Andy [Muschietti] and Jessica [Chastain]. I’m really looking forward to it – and I’m scared to death, actually, because I know there are lots of things that are just going to terrify me. One of my daughters is refusing to see it. I may jump out of my skin at some point.

Horror is that strange genre of film that people who claim to be movie fans are still allowed to say they don't like or don't watch. Nobody would be allowed to say they loved movies but didn't watch comedies, and yet, many people just avoid horror because they don't like the way it makes them feel. Apparently, even Joan Gregosn's kids can't overcome that feeling to see mom's new movie.

Check out Gregson in action in the trailer.

Honestly, after watching that old lady dance across the screen behind Beverly's back in the teaser, I'm not sure I fault anybody who just "noped" the hell out of seeing IT Chapter Two. It's not bloody or gory but it's a moment that is just so wrong, and so well done, that it's completely terrifying. It does look like the sequel is going to live up the high expectations of the original, which has a lot of fans very excited.

IT was a box office powerhouse and it became one of the highest grossing R-rated movies of all-time. The sequel is certainly looking to meet or exceed those expectations. With the inclusion of big names like Jessica Chastain and James McAvoy the movie may very well do that. The first movie had no major names to draw in an audience, beyond that of Stephen King himself.

It Chapter Two will be in theaters September 5.

Dirk Libbey
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