Kristen Stewart Reveals She Used To Be Afraid Of Being Famous

Kristen Stewart in twilight breaking dawn

Kristen Stewart has been famous for a long time. The actress broke big with Panic Room in 2002, before she was even officially a teenager, and went on to appear in movies like Cold Creek Manor and Zathura: A Space Adventure before becoming super famous thanks to her role as Bella Swan in Twilight.

It seems like a charmed life going from an extra on the Disney Channel Original Movie The Thirteenth Year to the most notable member of the gang in the upcoming Charlie’s Angels reboot, but Kristen Stewart revealed in an interview ahead of her newest flick Underwater that fame actually used to frighten her quite a bit. She said:

It kind of frightened me a lot, when I was younger, and a little more unsure… [Now] it’s great that I have this position where I can be totally open about communicating with people.

There’s an element of actors choosing to be actors and trying for fame, so it can be tempting to be a little cynical when they make comments about being frightened or unhappy with their lot in life. However, it’s likely very different to go from being a child actor to a household name, just like it’s likely very different to go from a moderately known actress to someone who is the lead in the most popular franchise films at a given time.

Kristen Stewart went on to talk to reporters about how she came to terms with her early fame, also noting at the Venice Film Festival (via Variety),

I have to protect myself. I’m so completely unguarded. [Now] it’s a beautiful feeling, in stark contrast with how I felt [then], when you are initially exposed to something. The onslaught of that type of attention can really put you in a hole.

These days, she has a whole new look and bent in Hollywood. In fact, she's appearing in a slew of different types of movies as well. Underwater will feature the actress in a thriller setting and will feature a crew of underwater researchers who are attempting to survive when an underwater earthquake hits. The reboot of Charlie’s Angels will also be action-packed, but will have a humorous bent.

Next year, Kristen Stewart will star in a romantic flick about a young woman who wants to propose to her girlfriend during the holidays, only to find out she hasn’t come out yet. That flick, Happiest Season, is scheduled for November of 2020.

Kristen Stewart in Charlie's Angels 2019

The actress has talked about fame a bit in the past, notably giving her thoughts on how Daisy Ridley should feel about getting famous so fast, simply because Ridley also rose to prominence in a similar fashion with a big franchise, in her case, Star Wars. As for her own Twilight franchise work, she's previously said she's really proud of what the movies accomplished, even if there were side effects related to her quickly being thrown into fame.

Clearly becoming famous affects the lives of actors and actresses in myriad ways, but if you look at Kristen Stewart now, she seems more sure of herself and her fame, which is, I'm guessing, something that eventually needs to click if you are a person who wants to remain in the limelight.

Underwater will hit theaters on January 10, 2020. To see what else the movies have to offer before then, take a look at our full schedule.

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