Deadpool 3? Morena Baccarin Has A Concern About Vanessa Making A Big Change

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At the moment, Deadpool 3 is in a bit of a holding pattern, as the Disney/Fox merger has on-going synchronization kinks that still need to be worked out, and the future of the Merc With The Mouth is a significant part of that discussion. It’s probably a good thing, though, as it will ultimately provide a bit more time to figure out exactly what to do with Morena Baccarin’s character, Vanessa.

While she was rescued from death in Deadpool 2, there’s still a question that has been lingering for years, and it's in regard to the possibility of a future big screen story revealing her as a shape-shifting mutant known as Copycat - a part of the character that has existed for decades, but has been kept out of the movies thus far. This potential future was recently brought up in a conversation between Morena Baccarin and AV Club, and you may find her response to the idea surprising:

I don’t know. I mean, I love both of those ideas. If you do Copycat, then you do mess up the relationship between Wade and Vanessa a little bit, because I think that at that point they were kind of at odds, but maybe there’s an opportunity there to make it a little bit different. It would be fun to see her transform for sure, but I would just be thrilled to come back in any form for those movies because it was such a blast to work on.

It's an issue that Morena Baccarin has indeed had on her mind for just as long as the fans, and it doesn’t feel like the Deadpool star has changed her mind too much. Prior to the release of Deadpool 2 she was just as excited about potentially bringing Copycat into the franchise fold. However, the main stumbling block has been and always will be Vanessa’s relationship with Ryan Reynolds’ Wade Wilson a.k.a. Deadpool himself.

In the comics, Copycat is a mutant who tried to infiltrate the X-Force by kidnapping Domino's and stealing her identity, and introducing such elements to the live-action world would set up some interesting challenges for a couple that’s pretty much settled down. With Deadpool 2 introducing the potential for Wade and Vanessa to start a family, it does feel like the wrong time to spring a surprise revelation. It kind of all ties back to the reason why writers/producers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick didn't want to include the character detail in the first place, fearing that it would ultimately be too confusing for audiences.

Of course, now there’s a Catch 22 in play, because introducing her as a mutant felt too confusing for the audience at the start, and now she's almost too ingrained for her to go through such a change. Still, there is the option of using the Copycat reveal to help cement her return from the dead into the canon as something that doesn’t totally ruin what Deadpool 2 did with Vanessa’s now prevented death.

Deadpool 3 is supposed to happen “soon,” but the more time the writers can take to figure out whether or not Copycat is a good fit in the story, the better. Though fans will really want to see this character, as always the demands of a fictional universe making sense has to be considered before any fan-service inclusions.

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