How Hollywood Has Reacted To Sid Haig's Death

Sid Haig in 3 From Hell

Last night, the Emmys honored those industry figures that passed away over the last year in the In Memoriam segment, and now sadly another name can be added to that list. News broke earlier this morning that actor Sid Haig has passed away on Saturday at the age of 80. The horror legend was a veteran actor with well over 100 film and TV credits to his name and Hollywood reacted to his death with sadness and happy memories of a man much kinder than the characters he often played.

There has been an outpouring of love and condolences from fans and filmmakers alike, but first, take a look at the announcement of Sid Haig’s death from his wife, Susan L. Oberg.

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According to Variety, Sid Haig suffered a fall several weeks ago and once at the hospital, he wound up having serious breathing complications. The actor eventually succumbed to a lung infection and as you can see, his death was a shock to his family and loved ones, who are obviously heartbroken.

To his wife and family he was Sidney, but to many fans Sid Haig was Captain Spaulding from Rob Zombie’s horror trilogy, which includes House of 1000 Corpses, The Devil’s Rejects and the recently released 3 From Hell. Rob Zombie took to Instagram to remember the man who brought his horror creation to life.

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Reliving fond memories is the best anyone can do when a friend and loved one passes and for Rob Zombie, he chose to look back at the beginning of the journey he and Sid Haig went on together, at something that became so much more than that beginning suggested. Captain Spaulding is a horror icon for many and that’s far from Sid Haig’s only contribution to horror. Ryan Turek, VP of Film Development at Blumhouse took to Twitter to offer his gratitude to Sid Haig.

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“Especially the fans” Ryan Turek said and this is a common thing we are hearing in light of Sid Haig’s death: how kind he was and how generous he was to fans with his time at conventions. Don Mancini, the creator of Chucky and shepherd of the Child’s Play franchise also remembered Sid Haig for his kindness.

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Another horror vet, special effects makeup artist, actor and director Tom Savini also took to Twitter to say farewell to his friend Sid Haig.

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Calling him a historical landmark gives a sense of the indelible mark Sid Haig left on those he knew and his corner of the industry. Even those not known for horror films, or really the film industry in general, are saddened by Sid’s passing. One of those people is wrestler Jerry Lawler.

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In addition to his most famous work in Rob Zombie’s horror films, Sid Haig also starred in films like Foxy Brown, Bone Tomahawk, George LucasTHX 1138 and Quentin Tarantino’s Jackie Brown. Among horror fans and those who knew him, it is clear that he will not be forgotten.

3 From Hell arrives on home video on October 15. Our condolences go out to Sid Haig’s family and loved ones.

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