No, Blumhouse Isn't Doing A Scream Reboot

Ghostface in Scream

Following Blumhouse’s success with last year’s Halloween rebootquel, horror fans have been wondering what other iconic properties the production company could tackle and return to prominence next. So it was exciting when a report dropped the other day that a Scream reboot was moving forward at Blumhouse. That was apparently premature though, because no, Blumhouse isn’t doing a Scream reboot. Take a look:

Ryan Turek is the VP of Feature Film Development at Blumhouse Productions and has served as producer on films like Happy Death Day, Truth or Dare, Halloween and Ma, so if anyone knows if Blumhouse has a Scream reboot in development, it’s him. Unfortunately though, as he makes clear in his amused tweet responding to the report, that is not the case. Blumhouse is not rebooting Scream.

That said, although it isn’t happening, that doesn’t mean that Ryan Turek doesn’t want it to. He makes it clear that he wishes Blumhouse was working on a Scream film, but that doesn’t make it so; wishes only go so far when money and rights issues are concerned.

In the Twitter thread, someone asked Ryan Turek that if he were working on Scream, would he want to reboot it or do Scream 5, to which he responded “Personally? 5…” So if he had his way, a Blumhouse Scream wouldn’t even be a reboot, it would be a sequel.

Ryan Turek isn’t alone in his wish to work on a new Scream movie. In the past, Jason Blum has expressed a desire to get his hands on the Scream property, as well as Hellraiser and I Know What You Did Last Summer. But he admitted that wanting to do something and getting to are two separate things, and that nothing was happening with those properties because of the tangled rights issues.

The original report about Blumhouse’s Scream reboot has since been updated and now claims that a Scream reboot is indeed in development, just not at Blumhouse. We’ll have to see what happens on that front, but it certainly seems likely that in the midst of the ongoing horror renaissance and given Hollywood’s current obsession with recognizable IPs, most horror properties probably have someone trying to bring them back to the big screen.

Blumhouse didn’t have the rights to make a Halloween sequel until it did, and now we’re getting two sequels, Halloween Kills and Halloween Ends. So maybe the horror darling will figure out a way to get its hands on Scream or any of the other iconic horror properties just waiting for a chance to return and be discovered by fans and new audiences alike.

We’ll keep you updated on any news on the Scream front as it develops. In the meantime, check out our 2019 Release Schedule to see what’s headed to theaters this year and let us know what’s your favorite scary movie in the comments below.

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