Could A Sony Spider-Verse Crossover Be The Next Avengers-Sized Event For The MCU?

Spider-Man: Far From Home Peter talking on the jet with a cut on his face

As the dust starts to settle from the big announcement that Marvel and Sony will be partnering up on the Spider-Man saga yet again, there are a lot of questions that are still in the air. But if you look at the opportunities presented by this newly reunited team, there’s a pretty big one that sticks out of the pack: a Spider-Verse crossover with the Marvel Cinematic Universe proper.

With the Sony Spider-Verse continuing to expand its operations, and the MCU canon supposedly being on a parallel track, it’s time that the two cousins meet in the middle and do something spectacular. And not only is this a good idea for smashing the Sony/Marvel dividing line once and for all, it’s also a good idea for the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s big picture, in light of recent events.

Then again, instead of just describing the argument, perhaps it’s time to actually make the case. Which means we’re now going to spin a web that’ll bring the Spider-Verse and the MCU into one, big, happy show-stopper.

Venom choking a robber in a convenience store

Sony’s Spider-Verse Would Be Best Integrated For Full MCU Crossover Potential

With the twin tracks of the Sony Spider-Verse and the Marvel Cinematic Universe laid out on their own courses, it feels like only a matter of time and corporate wrangling before both halves of the picture are pieced together. So what better way to make this happen than setting the stage for one, gigantic war of the comic book worlds?

Sony and Marvel can stop talking around incorporating the Venom and Morbius franchises into the same world as Spider-Man and his Avengers teammates, which in turn would strengthen the agreement between both parties for a more long term context. Having a unified library of properties to use at any moment has been Marvel’s greatest advantage, and this would only be keeping that tradition going.

Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse a dorm room full of Spider People

The Spider-Verse Already Has A Basic Foundation Laid Out

Some fans and executives may have seen Sony’s formation of its own cinematic universe in the Spider-Man adjacent worlds of films like Venom and Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse to be a bit confusing for the Marvel brand. In actuality, it was just an exercise in Sony laying down the tracks for its own potential crossover within the Spider-Man universe. And as luck would have it, these actions might be beneficial to Marvel’s Cinematic Universe as we speak.

Audiences are probably going to expect something as huge as an Avengers movie in the next couple of years, and the MCU isn’t theoretically going to be at the point to deliver that for some time. The Spider-Verse’s continued expansion on the basic foundation it’s engaged in not only makes for a strong rock to build the MCU’s future around, it’s probably the best place to start.

Avengers: Infinity War Spider-Man Iron Man Drax Star Lord and Mantis stand in the wreckage of Titan

It Gives Marvel Studios More Time To Pull Together Its Next Avengers Team

The fact remains that Avengers: Endgame just put a lot of the original Earth's Mightiest Heroes lineup out of commission, and Spider-Man: Far From Home has wrapped the first three phases of the MCU rather nicely. With Peter Parker touted as being “the next Tony Stark,” putting his universe front and center is a good tactic to help build the Disney side of the Marvel house in the process.

Peter Parker/Spider-Man is supposed to be returning to the Marvel Cinematic Universe at some point, which means that he’ll obviously be helping out with some new baddies and crises in the world of the home team’s main moneymaker. And in return, Spidey should be able to ask for some help of his own, as he’ll probably need it.

Avengers: Endgame Doctor Strange gives the signal in battle

Other Avengers Could Be Brought Into The Fight In Spider-Man’s Universe

Picture this: Spider-Man hypothetically helps Benedict Cumberbatch’s Doctor Strange and Elizabeth Olsen’s Scarlet Witch out big time in Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness, with a gigantic threat revealing certain truths about the multiverse at large. We learn that there are many Spider Persons, and on top of that, some of them, and their antagonists, have crossed over into the MCU universe. Peter’s obviously going to need some help, and he’ll already have the friends to bring in on the job.

That’s not the only scenario that could see Spider-Man’s Spider-Verse using some of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s greatest heroes as backup, but it illustrates why it’s a good idea. As Jeremy Renner’s Hawkeye himself told us in The Avengers, doors open both ways. With Peter Parker lending a hand in the MCU, that just present more opportunities to make enemies for himself, as well as forge bonds with other Avengers who could join the fray should Spider-Man ever be facing down six mega villains out for his blood.

Spider-Man: Far From Home Peter taking off the EDITH glasses

Bringing In The Sinister Six Could Be The Next Greatest Threat In The MCU

Peter Parker has made his greatest enemies so far because of one vital connection to the Marvel Cinematic Universe: his mentor-student relationship with Robert Downey Jr.’s Tony Stark. Tony’s sacrifice in Avengers: Endgame is still fresh in the world of the MCU, and there will always be those that want to debunk and destroy that legacy. That means there’s a possibility they might form the Sinister Six to get the job done.

Both Michael Keaton’s Vulture and Jake Gyllenhaal’s Mysterio had beefs with Stark and his enterprises, and Peter’s association with him only made him a target in their eyes. Throw in some other people we’ve already been introduced to, like Mac Gargan (better known in the comics as Scorpion), and others who need to be seen, such as Norman Osborn, and you have a potentially sneaky supergroup that’ll wage an all-out war on Spider-Man and New York.

Drawing in other Avengers, Spider People and maybe even some of his would-be opposition, like Tom Hardy’s Venom, and a gigantic movie pitting Spidey against the Sinister Six could be the next major event for the MCU to hang its narrative hat on. Instead of just going back to the well for another Avengers installment, uniting Sony and Marvel’s halves of the puzzle could be the can’t miss movie that will break records and draw fans back to theaters.

We don’t know if these conversations are already being had, but what we do know is that in the theoretical world of Marvel’s Cinematic Universe bringing in Sony’s Spider-Verse is a scenario that would drop jaws and grab gasps from moviegoers. Not to mention, when the next Avengers chapter does come to call, a much stronger Peter Parker will be ready to fight the next massive battle that needs his skills.

After all of this Spider-talk, you’re probably in the mood for some Peter Parker-themed thrills. In which case, tomorrow’s release of Spider-Man: Far From Home on 4K UHD, Blu-ray and DVD is going to be a happy prospect. Though if you can’t wait, the film is currently available on Digital HD. The next Spider-Man movie is slated for release on July 16, 2021.

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