Halloween Kills Is Bringing Back Yet Another Actor From The Original

Nancy Stephen in H20

While the horror genre has been in a renaissance for years, it's a particularly good time for fans of John Carpenter's Halloween franchise. Michael Myers returned to theaters in a big way with Blumhouse's 2018 sequel, which started a new timeline and brought back Jamie Lee Curtis' Laurie Strode 40 years after her original attack. Two more movies are on the way, starting with next year's Halloween Kills. Plenty of actors from the 1978 original are reprising their roles, and it looks like a franchise favorite is going to be appearing in the upcoming sequel.

Halloween Kills looks like it's going to be extremely connected to John Carpenter's classic, as original and new actors will bring various characters back into the franchise's narrative. The latest report indicates that Nurse Marion Chambers will have a role in the sequel, with actress Nancy Stephens playing the role for a whopping fourth time.

This news comes to us from HalloweenMovies, and is sure to excited longtime fans of the Halloween franchise. Marion Chambers has had quite tenure in the franchise, and is one of the recurring characters in the long-running property. She appeared in John Carpenter's Halloween as a nurse assisting Dr. Loomis, and has popped up a few time over the years. What's more, the original actress is playing the fan favorite character once more. Somebody cue the theme song.

Marion Chambers was a critical part of Michael Myers' rampage in the first Halloween. The masked killer ended up using her car to escape, and return to Haddonfield. She reprised this role for the first sequel Halloween II, arriving at Haddonfield to bring her colleague back to Smith's Grove. Marion is present in the game-changing scene that revealed Michael to be Laurie's brother, a twist John Carpenter regrets now.

Nancy Stephens most recently reprised her role in Halloween H20, which focused on an adult Laurie Strode and her teenage son. She shared the opening sequence with a young Joseph Gordon-Levitt, with Michael Myers killing Marion Chambers in order to find Laurie's whereabouts. She put up a good fight against the masked killer, and fans will be eager to catch up with Marion in Halloween Kills' new timeline.

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Blumhouse's first Halloween movie focused on Laurie Strode's trauma, which has affected every facet of the survivor's adult life. It was an emotionally-driven look into the protagonists' psyche, but Halloween Kills appears to be a story about Haddonfield as a whole, and the other characters whose lives were changed by Michael Myers.

Halloween actress and Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kyle Richards is also reprising her role from John Carpenter's original as Lindsey Wallace. Anthony Michael Hall is playing the adult version of Tommy Doyle, and Lonnie Elam will be played by Robert Longstreet. It seems like Haddonfield is a character itself this time around, and I'm eager to see how Laurie's story continues, especially now that her daughter Karen and granddaughter Allyson have had their own run-in with Michael.

Halloween Kills will continue the long running franchise when it hits theaters on October 16th, 2020. In the meantime, check out our 2019 release list to plan your next trip to the movies.

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